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Will a pharmacist give me an advance on a repeat prescription??

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twiglett Fri 05-Mar-04 20:16:04

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twiglett Fri 05-Mar-04 20:29:06

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twiglett Fri 05-Mar-04 20:29:07

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iota Fri 05-Mar-04 20:39:33

I don't know but I don't think thay are allowed to dispense without a prescription. Try ringing NHS Direct. Do you have an out of hours Dr service?

alibubbles Fri 05-Mar-04 20:40:30

He should give you an emergency supply, and he will mark the tablets ,' emergency supply' normally about a weeks supply.

What I generally do is ask him for a supply and tell him that the surgery are walking the repeat script round to him. Most surgeries walk scripts to local pharmacies and ave a pick up service with Boots.

I do it all the time for DD's epipens, inhalers, antihistamines etc. Use to do it for my Seroxat too, back on Prozac now.

Wallace Fri 05-Mar-04 20:41:14

Our pharmacist does on dh's inhalers when he has run out (or more likely lost it!). If not...I guess ask doc?

suedonim Fri 05-Mar-04 22:32:27

Most pharmacists will give you an emergency supply, if you're a regular. Your details will be in his/her computer and they can check out your story.

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