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evian Fri 05-Mar-04 16:03:20

We've decided to paint and accessorise our bedrooms - just wondered what colour yours is

LucyJones Fri 05-Mar-04 16:11:42

Hi! Ours is lilac with blue curtains, carpet and walls. The bedding is lilac with bright green swirls on it from Argos Additions which I love. (the bedding, not AA )

Dreams Fri 05-Mar-04 16:12:50

my bedroom is coffees and creams we only decorated it recently. My sons bedroom is all winnie the pooh themed and looks fantastic. its half yellow and half aqua green with a winnie the pooh border round the middle.

LucyJones Fri 05-Mar-04 16:16:33

Coffee and cream sounds really nice - I think I would go for that next time. We're just doing our 1st babies nursery - walls are yellow and MIL has given us Winnie The Pooh height chart and things to stick on the wall.

fairydust Fri 05-Mar-04 16:17:47

coffe n cream sounds good

fairydust Fri 05-Mar-04 16:18:09

think i might re-do mine

Dreams Fri 05-Mar-04 16:18:27

Yeah i have all the winnie the pooh material wall hangings winnie the pooh covers, curtains, lamp shade, thermometer its a really bright happy room i love it .

LucyJones Fri 05-Mar-04 16:19:32

What colour is yours at the moment Fairydust?

Dreams Fri 05-Mar-04 16:22:06

i have one wall coffee one wall cream i have cream duvet cover with cream curtains and a nice coffee and cream fur throw over and across the end of my bed. with one of those cream fur rugs each side of me bed it actually looks fantastic and opens up the room.

Jaybee Fri 05-Mar-04 16:31:21

Ours is a dusky lilac sort of colour, natural carpet and everything else (curtains, duvet, lamps) are white.

fairydust Fri 05-Mar-04 16:37:22

ours is just white at the mo with navy n red bedding

aloha Fri 05-Mar-04 16:39:08

Our is the most beautiful pale blue - a Kevin McCloud Fired Earth colour called Cambridge Blue - not at all cold but very peaceful and serene. My favourite paint colour ever, I think. White bedlinen, painted wood furniture, long stone coloured curtains, and organza panels from John Lewis as our neighbours' bedrooms look directly into ours - neutral, sisal-effect carpet. Now I want a big mirror for over the fireplace and wonder if Venetian glass is too passe.

Ds's bedroom also blue with Cath Kidson-style boat print curtains (from Ikea).

StripyMouse Fri 05-Mar-04 16:39:23

our walls are very pale blue and the carpet, curtains, furniture and bedding etc. is all in white and soft creams. Reminds me of the sea with a "french" feel - very relaxing.
My sister has a gorgeous bedroom done in raspberry and cream shades with everything having a sumptous plush textured feel and colour (cream velvet curtains, silk lined to die for,) and one wall a deep raspberry. Being a large roon with posh old oak furniture it is to die for. She has one of those lovely thick carpets that squidge bt. your toes and need to "mow" with a hoover every day!!

Northerner Fri 05-Mar-04 16:39:29

Mine is cream with marroon bedding and accessories.

Ds's is lime green!

StripyMouse Fri 05-Mar-04 16:40:25

aloha - crossed posts. Sounds like we have similar bedroom design tastes.

evian Fri 05-Mar-04 16:49:41

I'd love one of thoose cream carpets that your feet sink into

lilibet Fri 05-Mar-04 17:21:00

Cream walls, and cream bedding with the odd poppy on it and a few poppy prints on the walls. lovely.

noddy5 Fri 05-Mar-04 17:54:33

Tang yellow walls(fired earth)white cornicing old wooden chests and matching wardrobes cream roman blinds and natural linen floorlength curtains and carpet.Accessorised with antique style glass lamps and big old mirrors

melsy Fri 05-Mar-04 18:14:03

Mine is dark coffee with cream waffle linen super king duvet which drapes to the floor, a sheer flat tab top net thingy, dark aubergine organza draped over a dark wood pole and falling to the floor. Cherry slatted low bed, with dark brown painted fitted cupboards. I made the best of a REVOLTING room , when we bought the house it was cobalt blue with GOLD swirls yellow paintwork and wardrobes and MATCHING headboard. EURGH nightmare, it took us 4 days to spray paint all the robes!!!.

melsy Fri 05-Mar-04 18:15:41

Tne cofee is Dulux Heritage Georgian colour;Dark Stone and it is almost everywere in the house, looks amazing with white woodwork etc.

Grommit Fri 05-Mar-04 18:16:49

Melsy - sounds fab! Mine is lilac with white curtains and duvet - nice and fresh and bright but not very imaginative

fisil Fri 05-Mar-04 18:17:56

Coffee and cream sounds gorgeous. We went for "natural bamboo" on our walls. Turned out to be bloody manolia. I shall now call it cream - sounds much nicer.

I want to have a female nude above our bed. DP isn'd having it - he says it's a tacky cliche.

melsy Fri 05-Mar-04 18:21:22

Thank you & Hi Grommit, hows you & baby??? Lilac is nice my kitchen is that colour. It is very relaxing colour , Bedrooms need to be Yin energy which are dark and warm hues,I think , to aid relaxation.

CP Fri 05-Mar-04 18:22:50

We have just moved so have what the previous owners did - lilac walls and curtains with a cream carpet. Our bedding is cream so all I had to do was buy matching large pillowcases instead of our burgundy ones from the old house and it all matches fine. Except for the blue bedside lamps... When we have the time I would like to do it in coffee and cream colours too as they seem so warm and calming to me. DD and anticipated baby have yellow rooms with bright John Lewis curtains, dd has Ikea mammut furniture and shortly due one has dd's old stuff.

Grommit Fri 05-Mar-04 18:28:04

Hi Melsy - I am fine thanks and baby is now 14 weeks and teething! He is still very good. How are you and your cute little girl?

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