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Urgent - recommendations for weekend away needed

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Issymum Fri 05-Mar-04 10:50:15

Noticing that recently I have been clinging precariously to my sanity, our saintly nanny has suggested that DH and I should go away for a weekend whilst she looks after the children. Our nanny is pressurising that I book today, otherwise, she believes (quite rightly) that we'll never get round to it.

We are looking at a weekend at the end of March beginning of April, not too far from our home in Guildford, Surrey. Could be in central London. Somewhere nice, preferably with swimming pool, children unfriendly .

Total budget (excluding meals) approx £300 (DH has just got a cash bonus for that amount!).

Any ideas Mumsnetters?

Re-reading this message, it's beginning to look like an entry for 'Threads I wish I could start'. Sorry!

Northerner Fri 05-Mar-04 10:52:39

The Vineyard at Stockcross, Berkshire is beautiful, highly reccommended.

bluesky Fri 05-Mar-04 11:00:32

The Spread Eagle in Midhurst is not too far from you; cosy, good food, pool, treatments, nice town to wander round.

I know the Vineyard too, that is really good, quiet, just off J13 of the M4. Amazing food. Lovely spa.

Are you after one night or two?

I'll have another think whilst doing chores!!

PS: what a lovely nanny you have!

Issymum Fri 05-Mar-04 11:14:12

Thank you, I'll look these up.

Any more suggestions? We are probably thinking of 2 nights.

And yes, our nanny is absolutely wonderful. Sadly we can't keep her forever as she wants to leave at the end of the year to work with special needs children. It's very difficult to be grumpy about that!

bluesky Fri 05-Mar-04 11:18:51

Another idea is The Hotel du Vin in Brighton, relatively new, part of a group, very relaxed and informal, yummy food and obviously great drink. You could walk along the seafront, get lost in The Lanes, do a spot of shopping.

jmg Fri 05-Mar-04 11:30:40

we spent a lovely weekend in central london without kids recently, although like you we only live in the suburbs of London.

We had dinner somewhere nice without a taxi back and went to a show. Had dimsum for sunday lunch. Did a bit of shopping etc. Thoroughly relaxing!

You can get good rates on 4and 5* hotels on and

Hope you have lovely time whatever you choose!

ks Fri 05-Mar-04 11:34:03

Message withdrawn

Issymum Fri 05-Mar-04 11:47:46

Thank you JMG. Just had a chat with DH and he really likes the idea of a London hotel - he's a wheelchair user, so there's more to do for him in London. I work in the West End so I was erring more on the side of a Country House hotel, but I can see his point. We could actually visit some galleries, go out somewhere groovy for dinner, go to a film. Mmm. How late did you leave it to book?

jmg Fri 05-Mar-04 12:58:33

We booked about a week ahead. Got the 5* Hampshire hotel which is right on Leicester square for £99 per night. I wrote a little note in teh booking form explaining that we were coming without the children and this was a rare occurance and they upgraded us to a bigger room. The rooms were very small however which might not suit a wheelchair user. However the rack rate for our room was about £450!!

Location was great though.

It was one of's unnamed offers but we knew which one it was because there is only one 5* hotel on leicester square!

If you like the galleries etc though you'd be better with something knightsbridge way - there were loads going when we booked.

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