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What do you think of 'Jackass' on E4/Ch4 ?

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ChanelNo5 Thu 28-Feb-02 07:45:44

Anyone else watched this programme? It is really revolting, but strangely addictive and very funny - if you've watched it , you'll know what I mean (if not, I will fill you in later with the horrible details as have got to get the little darlings ready for school!).

jasper Thu 28-Feb-02 08:07:59

I watched in amazement when they did that thing with the pretemd baby in the back of the bike when the chap falls off his bike and the "baby" goes flying. I could not believe my eyes, but paradoxically it was gripping and horribly amusing. I would run across four lanes of traffic I ever saw anything like that.I am surprised none of the onlookers had a heart attack.

EmmaM Thu 28-Feb-02 08:35:44

Yes. Must admit to being a big fan. I love the complete childishness of it and laugh myself stupid. I think I actually feel quite jealous of some of the antics because I would secretly love to have a go riding a kids tricycle down a hill, or surf across sanddunes on an ironing board. OK, some of the stuff is pretty sick, buts its still funny.

fairy Thu 28-Feb-02 10:00:11

I have to say I love it, and the ones like the baby on the bonnet, and the coffin falling out of the herse and sooo funny.

Those parts are really very similar to Trigger Happy TV, except probably a bit stronger than Channel 4 would have allowed.

I've seen all of both series on MTV as this is who it was made for. Watching it has made my dh want more than ever to go snowboarding! What does that say about his childish streak! I think that is what is so good about it they are all having fun doing harder versions of things we probably did as kids, or in our case when we started work (the office chairs one!).

And anyway I think Johnny Knoxsville is soooo sexy!!!!!!

Lizzer Thu 28-Feb-02 11:15:37

NO! Some of its ok, but when they have people throwing up and covered in poo - GAHH!!!!

(mind you pretty much the same as being a parent I suppose!)

fairy Thu 28-Feb-02 14:27:03

Have to admit, do not like the poo and vomit bits, yuk, should have remembered those bits!!

JoAnne427 Thu 28-Feb-02 15:59:27

The baby (doll!) left in the car seat on the top of the car that drove away totally freaked me out! I think I would have a heart attack if I thought that was happening...

Mind you, I am always turning around in my car to make sure I remembered to put the little punkins in before I drove off, if I don't hear her gooing and cooing!

jasper Thu 28-Feb-02 19:49:25

I think the best bits are where they just do stupid stunts to themselves because noone else is in danger of getting upset, and you just watch with horror and amazement. Actually I think it is quite endearing those (semi) grown men have retained those childish instincts of rolling down hills in big tubes etc. I can remember doing stuff like that.
Notice there are no women participants!

Reager Thu 28-Feb-02 20:32:06

I think it is great. Makes me laugh out loud while expressing (Gina Ford follower!) Sicko pigs.

ChanelNo5 Fri 01-Mar-02 07:53:38

No there are no women on it, but like EmmaM, I have a secret desire to do silly things like them too (not sick or poo ones though, I get enough of that with my kids!)

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