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Tips - do you tip the hairdresser and taxi driver and anyone else?

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bin Thu 27-Jul-06 21:15:17

I still feel obliged but don't have loads of money so can't understand why I do! Do you?

Bucketsofdinosaurs Thu 27-Jul-06 21:20:08

I don't tip the hairdresser because they don't mention it on their pricelists and I think £15-odd an hour is a reasonable price. I know in some fabulously posh salons the hairdressers are on a stipend or pay rent for their chair or something but I don't go anywhere like that.
I don't tip taxi drivers either but I'll round it up to the nearest pound because it's always cash.

PaintedLady Thu 27-Jul-06 21:22:06

I tip the hairdresser a couple of quid but I don't go anywhere posh. Taxi drivers - hum - may round it up a bit. Resturant about 10%.

dmo Thu 27-Jul-06 21:29:27

normally round cost up so if bill is £22.50 i pay £25
i do this with :

PinkTulips Thu 27-Jul-06 21:33:40

i round up too, taxis, restaurants (even cheap ones), hairdressers (not that i've been for years!). would be mortified not to tbh, just the way i was raised and having worked as a waitress for many years i know how much it's needed, especially these days as people get stingier and stingier.

schneebly Thu 27-Jul-06 21:36:22

same as DMO - round up a bit but dont go anywhere posh. I was also a waitress too so always tip if service was good!

Bucketsofdinosaurs Thu 27-Jul-06 21:47:57

But why hairdressers? Why not a helpful receptionist or anyone else on minimum wage? And would you still tip the hairdresser out of custom if you didn't like what they'd done?

pucca Thu 27-Jul-06 21:50:32

I always tip the shampooist as they are normally young girls doing their training working 40+ hours for £50 a week.

WideWebWitch Thu 27-Jul-06 22:04:09

I tip the hairdresser £10 on a £100 bill but only if I'm happy. But if I wasn't I'd stay until they put it right. Tip cabs sometimes, always tip good service in restaurants, I was a waitress once.

LieselVonTrapp Thu 27-Jul-06 22:24:28

I always tip 10% - thats just what my dad always told me.

orangegiraffe Thu 27-Jul-06 22:34:20

I got a twopence as a tip once

PinkTulips Thu 27-Jul-06 22:39:55

lol orangegiraffe.. i got 5 american cents and 20p once from a fucking yank, also had saucers full of coppers

orangegiraffe Thu 27-Jul-06 22:41:27


Bucketsofdinosaurs Thu 27-Jul-06 23:06:43

Surely coppers is better than none at all? Seems a waste of energy taking it as an insult - is it about the money or the compliment/lack thereof? If the latter and you know you did a good job, it should be water off a duck's back. I certainly don't factor in tips when I'm counting cash to see if I can afford lunch out. God I sound like such a tightarse but if they're so desperately hard up...

PinkTulips Thu 27-Jul-06 23:10:39

at the time minimum wage over here was a joke and i was living off tips, not to mention they'd spent well over 150quid on the meal and had arsed around keeping the restaurant open hours late (hotel restaurant) just having coffee. so yes i took it as an insult!

Bucketsofdinosaurs Thu 27-Jul-06 23:20:48

Fair enough LOL

Cappucino Thu 27-Jul-06 23:42:56

eek at £100 hairdressing bill

olivia35 Thu 27-Jul-06 23:58:04

10-15% on restaurant bills, depending on service BUT always ask if they get to keep it or if it goes to a tranche system - in which case I tell the manager why I'm not tipping.

I've been a waitress AND been the owner/manager. Waiting staff need to be paid properly with the tip being a compliment for really good service.

<dismounts hobbyhorse>

Round up to nearest £ for cabbies. Wouldn't know about hairdressers - I'm one of those MN untouchables gets it done once a decade whether it needs it or not.

Skribble Fri 28-Jul-06 01:11:05

I don't tip taxi drivers usually perhaps say keep the change if under £1.

Hair dresser again keep the change which is about £1.

Restaurants and cafes only if good service, couple of pounds works out about the 10-15%.

I go by the "They earn more than me principle".

LOL at all the spellings of restaurant, I had to check and I think I have been spelling it wrong for ages

TheHighwayCod Tue 07-Nov-06 16:26:10


HRHQueenOfQuotes Tue 07-Nov-06 16:28:45

I rarely go to the hairdressers - and then its the cheapest one I can find - so pretty 'average' service - so no don't tip them.

Taxis - I get one a week - home with my shopping - whether htey get tipped depends on several things.

1. Whether they're careful putting my shopping into the cab
2. Whether they're polite
3. Whether they dump my shopping bags on the pavement or inside my front gate.

If they don't they don't get a tip.

expatinscotland Tue 07-Nov-06 16:29:52

Hairdresser, yes.

Taxis - almost never b/c they're usually tossers. If they're tossers, they get FA for tip.

Iklboo Tue 07-Nov-06 16:33:58

Hairdresser - yes
Taxi driver - if polite and don't take the long route home
Pizza delivery guy - if I'm suitably p!ssed

twelveyeargap Tue 07-Nov-06 16:42:40

Everyone that provides a good service. Polite taxi drivers always get rounded up to nearest £1 plus £1. Miserable gits who go the long way get nothing. Hairdresser and waxer always get £10 on a £50 to £60 bill because I am always very happy with them. Was mortified last time I went becuase I forgot to bring cash for the tip.

Hate "discretionary service charges" being added to my restaurant bill, but refuse to tip on top of them in principal, unless I'm very happy, in which case I might leave £5 or £10 in cash for the waiting staff to keep. (Assuming this is a mid priced meal for two...)

kama Tue 07-Nov-06 16:45:18

Message withdrawn

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