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Big Chocolate Quiz!!!

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Lizzer Wed 27-Feb-02 13:19:41

Ok, as a bit of (i think much needed) light relief. Here comes the ultimate quiz to work out the names of Chocolate bars - I know its a bit specific to Britain (sorry) but I'm sure some are the same world wide (possibly). Haven't done it myself yet so don't ask for the answers - but it looks quite easy really! Good luck...

1 High class thoroughfare
2 Money making royalty
3 Dark occult
4 Mother's local
5 Clever folk
6 Various black items
7 Sport for Princes
8 Frankie Vaughan wanted it
9 Good children get these
10 Feline equipment
11 Garden flowers
12 Assorted girls
13 Dairy holder
14 Arrange marriage partners
15 Edible fasteners
16 Wobbly infants
17 Talk quietly
18 Big bus
19 Gem orchard
20 Spin around
21 Capital granite
22 Lorry driver's snack
23 100% Au
24 Istanbul harem
25 Up out there
26 Even more up out there
27 Big cat's pub
28 Noisy insect
29 One who wanders
30 Musical bard
31 It's a party
32 Outside meal
33 Easily blown
34 Locals from Malta
35 Reward
36 Ten cent pub
37 Toothless drink
38 Lost them…..?
39 Sweet tooth
40 Pub pins

Peace, love and free chocolate for all, Lizzer

ScummyMummy Wed 27-Feb-02 13:36:28

Bravo Lizzer.
16 = Jelly Babies! And I want some right now!

ChanelNo5 Wed 27-Feb-02 14:24:04

Yippee - this is just the sort of stimulation by lazy brain needs - thanks Lizzer! Here goes:-

24. Turkish Delight
34. Maltesers
22. Yorkie
17. Wispa
13. Milk Tray
11. Roses
3. Black Magic
20. Twirl
7. Polo
15. Buttons

ChanelNo5 Wed 27-Feb-02 14:26:21

Oh dear, I meant 'my' not 'by', see, I told you my brain was lazy!

TigerFeet Wed 27-Feb-02 14:34:35

Let's see....

23. All Gold
36. Dime Bar
18. Double Decker
27. Lion Bar
12. Dolly Mixtures (not sure about that one)
31. Celebrations (or that one)

Twink Wed 27-Feb-02 15:00:37


6 Liqurice Allsorts
14 Matchmakers
32 Picnic
40 Skittles

Debby Wed 27-Feb-02 15:04:39

I'm adding this contribution quickly, as I've been distracted by work twice now & when I've come back, you've already answered the ones I'd worked out (plus a whole lot more I hadn't!!)

25. Milky Way??(not sure??)
32. Picnic
37. Wine gums
40. Skittles

Debby Wed 27-Feb-02 15:05:40

See - while I was writing that message Twink beat me with a couple of the answers!!!!

Debby Wed 27-Feb-02 15:05:56

See - while I was writing that message Twink beat me with a couple of the answers!!!!

Debby Wed 27-Feb-02 15:23:32

What about Bounty for 35.Reward? - or am I now so hooked on this I'm making up answers??

Twink Wed 27-Feb-02 15:29:12

No, that sounds reasonable. How about
26 Magic Stars ?

Debby Wed 27-Feb-02 15:37:43

Sounds good too. Other one I'd come up with for either 25 or 26 was Galaxy

sylvev Wed 27-Feb-02 15:42:03

what a good idea, can't resist a quiz esp.when chocolate is involved. What about....

29= minstrels or drifter? not sure.

Debby Wed 27-Feb-02 15:46:33

You've got a good idea there - what about drifter for 29 & minstrels for 30?

Debby Wed 27-Feb-02 15:46:57

You've got a good idea there - what about drifter for 29 & minstrels for 30?

Tinker Wed 27-Feb-02 15:59:00

9 = Treets?

tigermoth Wed 27-Feb-02 16:48:12

Minstrels - number 30? Bounty - number 35?

Whisper - number 33? wine gums - number 37?

Why does the word 'pub' crop up in so many of the clues?

Like it, Lizzer

Pat Wed 27-Feb-02 17:23:24

Great thread!
1 = Quality Street?

Pat Wed 27-Feb-02 17:42:05

and just before I go home.....
4. Mars Bar?
10. Kit Kat?

Faith Wed 27-Feb-02 18:29:11

5 Smarties
21 Edinburgh rock
Thanks Lizzer!

Marina Wed 27-Feb-02 20:09:05

Is 15 the revolting Poppets? And 11 Roses?

Lizzer, you family-sized bucket of fun! Thank you for spreading chocolate cheer.

Rhiannon Wed 27-Feb-02 20:12:35

Well done for lightning things up Lizzer. Will try to think of another one. R

mollipops Thu 28-Feb-02 06:58:54

Not fair most of the ones I could figure out have been done already! How about these...?

7. Polo?
13. Milko?
32. Picnic!

Not sure if you have these...anyway, great idea Lizzer! Should be more of it here...only I have to admit now I have a huge choccy craving...and not a single number 34 in sight! Rats!

Faith Thu 28-Feb-02 07:45:54

2 Mint imperials

Which ones are left?

Lizzer Thu 28-Feb-02 10:48:28

Glad you like it - there must be more, shall I root out the 90's song lyrics quiz I've been promising for ages (jodee - I think I still have the website address - if not I'll email you and ask again if thats ok).

Mollipops -know what you mean about the chocolate cravings, but must resist, m-u-s-t r-e-s-i-s-t...!!!

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