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Found my missing cat....... sad news.

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mieow Tue 02-Mar-04 11:22:02

I was looking out of Bethan bedroom window last night and spotted a thing in the garden, I wnt out today and its Leroy. He is badly decomposed and I am not sure how long he has been out there. I know he wasn't there before as I searched the garden. Its nice knowing he came home but I am very upset by it. We will bury him later. I have covered him up with a blanket for now.
At least I know where he is now.

SoupDragon Tue 02-Mar-04 11:24:47

Kittypickle Tue 02-Mar-04 11:28:32

Mieow, I'm so sorry to hear that and just want to send you huge amounts of sympathies. My 14 year old cat disappeared on Friday 13th last month. She didn't seem too well before she went, the worst bit is not knowing what happened. Thought I was feeling better about it but writing this it seems I'm not

mieow Tue 02-Mar-04 11:33:02

I knew he wasn't well the night before he went missing in december. Planned to take him to the vet the next day but he must have got out. I searched the garden every day for a week. He wasn't there.
I am very worried about what killed him. My neighbour had rats poison in her shed and the door was broken, I am worried he ate some of it.

Anyway at least he came home, just why didn't I find him earlier

handlemecarefully Tue 02-Mar-04 11:33:38

Oh Mieow,

That's very sad....

FairyMum Tue 02-Mar-04 11:40:22

Oh no.....It's so sad when pets die

WSM Tue 02-Mar-04 11:43:29

Oh, meiow how awful Big hugs coming your way.

Kayleigh Tue 02-Mar-04 11:48:09

Oh Mieow, I am so sorry. That's very sad.
At least he came home and you won't be forever wondering if he is out there somewhere.

alibubbles Tue 02-Mar-04 12:09:31

mieow, my sympathy, at least you have him home now. One of our Burmese disappeard six years ago and I still wonder what happened to her.

fio2 Tue 02-Mar-04 12:25:35

oh mieow, so sorry at least you have him though, like people have said on here

binker Tue 02-Mar-04 12:31:55

so sorry mieow - we found our cat dead in the alley behind our house last year - he'd only been missing one night but we were beside ourselves with worry. He must've died very suddenly of a heart attack or something (he'd been on hormone tablets for a persistent skin problem which might've caused it imo.) I still think about him and miss him terribly.

Thomcat Tue 02-Mar-04 12:44:14

Oh sweetheart, I'm so sorry

Demented Tue 02-Mar-04 16:13:01

Hugs {{{}}} .

mez75 Tue 02-Mar-04 16:18:07

Thats so sad

Angeliz Tue 02-Mar-04 16:27:06

That's really sad mieow


squirmyworm Tue 02-Mar-04 19:20:20

hugs mieow - very sad for you
think of the happy times he had with you and what a nice life you gave him.

Posey Tue 02-Mar-04 20:38:54

Lots of love to you.
Hope you are bearing up okay

misdee Wed 03-Mar-04 07:44:19

leroy was lovely. he was my cats kitten, so was about 9years old. a big softy.

Hulababy Wed 03-Mar-04 08:59:34

Sorry to hear that

mieow Wed 03-Mar-04 23:49:08

I am finding it hard because I found him and saw him in a state. DH didn't see him at all as I covered him up and when we buried him we wrapped him in the liner that I had covered him in, but I have that image on my brain and it wasn't a pretty sight

Batters Thu 04-Mar-04 12:26:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Twinkie Thu 04-Mar-04 12:30:08

Sorry Mieow idid not see this before - sending you big hugs XXX ()

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