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ou'ers, I know that you are out there!

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lilibet Mon 01-Mar-04 19:26:00

I'm thinking of taking the plunge and starting this summer. I've not done any studying for years and so there is an introduction course that seems quite good, 20 weeks long, which would take me to September and in time to make a decision about doing something a bit bigger.
So, what have you done, and what tips have you got for me?

noddy5 Mon 01-Mar-04 19:40:08

I am currently doing human biology and health I had my 1st face to face tutorial on Saturday and it was fab.I am really enjoying studying this time around and thoroughly recommend it

Crazymamma Mon 01-Mar-04 19:41:51

Hi lilibet,
I'm currently studying physiotherapy and I can tell you it's not easy. At night you need to study but you also need to see to your family and yourself... there's just not enough time in the day. However, I will say "Go for it"
At the end of the day you will be bettering yourself and will feel better about yourself on a personal level, a place where no one else can go, only you.

Crazymamma Mon 01-Mar-04 19:43:47

Hi noddy5

Tinker Mon 01-Mar-04 19:45:28

Hi lilibet - I've done 3 courses. I'll post tomorrow if I get a chance, not a lot of time atm. Why are you doing it though? Interest? Career? Qualifications? Just interested.

lyndsey66 Mon 01-Mar-04 20:44:51

I did DD100 - Introduction to social science. Found it really interesting, materials were great. My tutor was good, I too hadn't studied in ages - but didnt find it too much of a shock!

You can obtain samples of OU courses - which is a good idea to get a taste of the course before choosing it. Not sure about the 20 week courses (have a look on the website).

Dont worry that you havent studied in ages - the introduction course (which you have to do) start you at the basics - you cant go wrong. They literally walk you through everything (how to write essays, how to study and so on).

Fizog Mon 01-Mar-04 20:58:39

Hi, not quite the same but I'm doing a full-time degree and I work full-time and I'm a single mum. It's hard sometimes but it'll be worth it in the end (I hope).

I'm not going to pretend I find it especially easy but I do manage quite well and if you have support I'm sure you'll be fine. If I can do it ANYONE CAN believe me ;o I'm not the sharpest stick!

My only tip woul dbe choose a subject you think you'll enjoy. I didn't have a choice as it's work related, I'm not at all interested in the subject and that's why it's a real chore for me.

Good luck though, I'm sure you'll really enjoy it

lilibet Mon 01-Mar-04 21:28:10

Just regretting missed chances when I was younger tinker!
I plan to start with Living Arts and hopefully follow on with An Introduction to Humanities, nothing to do with my job as I run the lease car fleet for my local NHS!! but everything on the course looks right up my street and really interesting.

How many hours work per week do people put in? I'm fascinated that you're doing physiotherapy, I would have thought that wouldn't be the sort of thing that thye would do as you would need more hands on training as it were!

binkie Mon 01-Mar-04 21:45:22

My lovely friend tutors Living Arts, she's a fantastic teacher and if the OU chose her then they pick well! Good luck.

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