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Mid afternoon slump

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handlemecarefully Mon 01-Mar-04 14:02:58

I'm having one of those 'slumps' where I am shattered and feel like I really need my bed - but that's not practical (I'm at work). Any easy antidotes to get me feeling perky and lively again?

CountessDracula Mon 01-Mar-04 14:04:52

Coffee! Lots of it!

Or go for a little stroll.

Or plead a bad headache and go home to bed.

Easy Mon 01-Mar-04 14:09:05

Go outside, or open a window, and take 10 very VERY deep breaths. You may feel a bit giddy straight afterwards, but should feel better for the rest of the afternoon.

Oh, and make sure you're sitting up straight and breating to your diaphragm whenever you can remember. The extra oxygen you can take in should perk you up a bit.

katierocket Mon 01-Mar-04 14:12:25

hmc are you pregnant I can't remember?

anyway, this is one of my favourite topics because I used to really suffer from this, went to see a nutritionist and she diagnosed a blood sugar level imbalance. Anyway, I've changed my eating habits and I am like a new person - honestly. Like a revelation.

futurity Mon 01-Mar-04 14:21:53

Interested to hear details of this did you change your eating habits?

handlemecarefully Mon 01-Mar-04 14:22:54

katierocket - 33 weeks. Perhaps its to do with blood sugar (i.e. eating too many sweets and chocolate?? - perhaps conditioning my body to rely on these carb boosts too much?)

Have just got back from doing the deep breaths thing like Easy suggests - and actually I admit I feel a little more alert (although still yawning!). Can't decide if its due to the deep breaths or the fact that it was frigging cold outside!!!

Am just about to toddle off to the onsite WRVS shop to get some diet coke for a caffeine boost - not keen on coffee CountessD!

Thanks for the tips

Easy Mon 01-Mar-04 14:26:24

Ah, breathing to your diaphragm might be difficult at 33 weeks, didn't realise, sorry.

No wonder you're tired.

handlemecarefully Mon 01-Mar-04 14:32:47

Don't worry Easy,

It didn't do me any harm...and I am feeling a bit more awake!

scampadoodle Mon 01-Mar-04 14:33:04

I get this all the time, pregnant or not, & if I'm at work I go to the loo & have a nap! I can snooze anywhere though.

katierocket Mon 01-Mar-04 14:41:25

hmc - to balance blood sugar level you need to:

-eat good breakfast
-eat small frequent meals throughout the day
-balance carbohydrates and proteins (2to1) at each meal to help slow the relase of sugars from the carbo. e.g. fish with rice, fruit and nuts, jacket pot with cheese
-avoid sugar (dull but true)
-avoid or minimise stimulants - tea coffee etc
-avoid refined carbohydrates - white bread, white rice, white pasta, etc - go for wholemeal instead
-avoid alcohol (no problem there for you then)
-Drink loads of water

I know this is fairly obvious but it REALLY words - I was totally addicted to chocolate, diet coke etc but after 2 days doing this I had loads more energy and more importantly didn't have that awful mid afternoon slump.

handlemecarefully Mon 01-Mar-04 14:58:06


I might just give that a go - will let you know how I get on.

Must be feeling sleepy as I have just belatedly realised that I should have been at a meeting at 14.00....ho hum!

CountessDracula Mon 01-Mar-04 15:55:01

whoops sorry didn't realise you were pregnant! (don't know why, I did know but forgot)

candy Mon 01-Mar-04 19:30:46

I really recommend Origins Peace Of Mind lotion. You rub it into your temples and on to your earlobes and it smells very minty fresh and makes you tingle. It's very good for getting rid of that headachy feeling I sometimes get when I'm over-tired. You'd need to check if it is ok to use when pregnant and also don't be shocked by how small the bottle is for the price - it's worth every penny and no I'm not on commission!

handlemecarefully Tue 02-Mar-04 08:43:50

Thanks Candy - I might just give that a go too. So many useful tips on mumsnet!

Don't worry CountessD - I don't expect everyone to remember I am pregnant, and I'm quite relaxed about pregnancy so I do still drink caffeine (your coffee suggestion) during up-duffery except for 1st trimester...

KatieR: I have foregone my customary early morning mars bar today as I shall be watching those carbs!

katierocket Tue 02-Mar-04 08:46:45

carbs are OK you just have to make sure
a) they are complex not simple (so wholemeal not white etc) and
b) you eat some protein with any carbs that you eat.

Eat lots but just eat the right stuff and it does give you more energy I promise.
here hoping!

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