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Not pregnant and quite sad about it!! Is ot hareder second time?

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Angeliz Sun 29-Feb-04 18:52:56

Hi everyone

Well dp and i have been trying this month and he was convinced i was but i've just got my period!
I have read on here that it's harder the second time to get pregnant! Is it?
I can't quite beleive it, we had one accident and i fell pregnant last time! (BEST accident ever and i have a gorgeous 3 year old dd
I feel a bit guilty feeling dissapointed, i feel as if i'm saying dd isn't enough! Oh i don't know, i'm just so suprized really that i'm not pregnant!!!
I had it al planned, new baby in Oct/Nov and dd will have started nursery and will be here for Christmas, (i was warned by you wise people not to plan laid plans and all that!).
So was it harder for you the second time????

misdee Sun 29-Feb-04 18:54:46

bout the same of both accounts. but dh has just announced he wants another baby (yippee!!) so am trying to get organized and plan things but things never go to plan.

fisil Sun 29-Feb-04 19:18:04

We found it harder 2nd time - but not much. I think it was more difficult each month, in a way, as you think about the age gap, and your existing child's life when new baby arrives. But in another sense at least you know you can do it (although it looks like that wasn't a concern for you first time round!)

futurity Sun 29-Feb-04 19:32:46

I was like you..conceived DS first month of onto 3rd month of trying this time round (which is nothing compared to some of the ladies on the TTC thread). My cycle is all over the place due to the pill I think which I came off in October. So I figure just ignore the fact that I got pregnant so quickly the first time round and start a fresh this time as if I keep comparing with how it went last time I will just wind myself up which I am sure doesn't help TTC!

CountessDracula Sun 29-Feb-04 19:33:19

I hope not, it took us 3 years first time

twiglett Sun 29-Feb-04 19:37:26

message withdrawn

Luckymum Sun 29-Feb-04 19:40:11

I found it harder second time. First time just two months off the pill and third time got caught completely unawares too. Why does it seem not to happen when you really want it and other times it rushes up and bites you on the bum!!

zebra Sun 29-Feb-04 20:08:18

Sorry, 2nd baby was a one-off lapse in birthcontrol. I wasn't that young -- 33, and we are in a hot bath which is supposed to kill the sperm too. Certainly not planned. I think I have high fertility, though.

Grommit Sun 29-Feb-04 20:09:53

Same both times for me - maybe it just seems harder because you are activly trying this time? Just work out your ovulations dates (I used a calendar from Babyworld' website)

Eulalia Sun 29-Feb-04 20:23:10

No - 2nd child we weren't trying and fell pregnant very easily. I am sure you will be pregnant soon. Good Luck

Demented Sun 29-Feb-04 20:46:57

First time it took 6 months, second time 9 months. We wanted three years between them so when it came to the month that I had to conceive to have exactly three years between them and nothing happened I got really upset. Both times it took my thinking to go full circle and for me to decided that I didn't actually want a baby/another baby before I got pregnant.

All the best, I'm sure we will be hearing an announcement from you soon!

bunny2 Sun 29-Feb-04 20:49:45

Yes, definately harder. Ds was conceived almost immediately, we have been trying for #2 for 3 years . Fertiliy drugs and 2 miscrriages later, we are still hoping.

Angeliz Mon 01-Mar-04 10:36:21

Thanks everyone. There's a good mix of experience here to keep me hopeful and realistic!

DP and i were talking last night about how we
just said ,"O.K, now i want another one", and how we never even thought about it not happening! (well actually alot of thought went into it, and planning dates!!!).

Thanks everyone, i really appreciate all replies and good luck to everyone trying+++++++++

twiglett, i now think of you as phoebe from friends with your baby dust Keep the positive vibes coming my way++++++++++

Azure Mon 01-Mar-04 11:15:27

Conceived DS 2nd month of trying. After deciding to have #2 it took a year to get pregnant again (not trying very hard for most of that time, I have to admit), and I unfortunately than m/c'd. Am now back TTC. So yes, for us, it is harder second-time around. That certainly doesn't mean it will be the same for you - best of luck next month. Come and join us other hopefuls on the TTC thread!

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