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Dishwasher won't drain - any instant fixes?

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suzywong Sat 28-Feb-04 18:31:04

This is grindingly dull and I am in denial about it, but the truth of the matter is that my half size Bosch dishwasher won't drain all the water out, there is still a puddle in the bottom after programme is finished. I have unscrewed filters and under-filter trap and poked my fingers down the pipes as far as they will go).

Bottom line is, I would rather not call out the emergency plumber on at the weekend PLUS may have shot myself in the foor as I snapped at DH to leave it and take the kids out instead.

Can anyone help please?

suedonim Sat 28-Feb-04 19:41:26

I can't offer any practical help but perhaps Bosch has a helpline you could phone before resorting to engineers.

suzywong Sat 28-Feb-04 19:44:30

Good thinking suedonim, although DH has come round and is fiddling withit,

Cecilia Sat 28-Feb-04 19:49:50

Is your kitchen sink a bit blocked? When this happened to our dishwater that turned out to be the problem.

suzywong Sat 28-Feb-04 19:51:00

<shouts to DH , is kitchen sink blocked>
>DH shouts back No>

SoupDragon Sat 28-Feb-04 20:03:34

Doesn't sound like the pump's gone (expensive) as it seems to have got rid of most of the water. When our wouldn't drain, it turned out that the pipe hadn't been properly cut when installedand had a plastic flap blocking it. This sometimes stopped it draining but I think it's fairly unusual!

Have you checked the pipes at the end where they drain out? In the aforementioned situation, our sink drained fine, it was where the DW pipe connected to the drain pipe that was blocked.

noddy5 Sat 28-Feb-04 20:13:17

are the drain out pipes kinked behind it?I pull ours out from the wall a bit to straighten it and that usually does the trick

katierocket Sat 28-Feb-04 20:15:08

ours does this from time to time. It's very annoying but I've never really found out why.

(sorry, what an entirely useless reply!)

JJ Sat 28-Feb-04 20:17:00

Can you plunge it, like you would a stopped toilet? (Sorry if that sounds gross.) If the plunger won't fit, just take (break) off the plungy bit and try it with that

misdee Sat 28-Feb-04 20:17:58

ok, might sound silly this, but try tipping it on its side. my dad has to do this with his dishwasher.

misdee Sat 28-Feb-04 20:33:31

did it work?

suzywong Sat 28-Feb-04 20:35:02

Dh putting ds1 to bed and he's doing the heavy work, plus ours is fitted tight under the draining board but will definitely use it as last resort

These are all great ideas
I love MN

misdee Sat 28-Feb-04 20:39:47

its something to do with a water level gauge that sticks sometimes, and to move it back down to drain u have to tip it. think my parents DW is a bosch, but an engineer told them to do this when their dishwater wouldnt drain. they had tried everything else.

suzywong Sun 29-Feb-04 18:25:37

you have an alternative career as a dishwasher rescuer any time you want. We tipped it and it works fine now, thanks a million.
And thanks to everyone else who bothered to look at this boring thread

misdee Sun 29-Feb-04 18:49:22

glad to be of help!!

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