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registering the birth

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bez Sat 28-Feb-04 16:08:14

need to register baby's birth very soon. I know this sounds silly but as a child I was passed around a lot rather than being brought up by parents and was never given a birth certificate and dont have a passport so dont know where I was born and different relatives have told me different things. I know my place of birth and my partners will have to gon the birth certificate, so what will happen if I cant find out where I was born?

Angeliz Sat 28-Feb-04 16:11:01

I'm sure you'll be able to find out through hospital records and then obtain a copy of your Birth Certificate> I wouldn't know where to start though! How about ringing the Citizens Advice Bearue(PS) a call?

Azure Sat 28-Feb-04 16:17:16

Bez try this website
You can look at registration details online, but may have to buy some units (cheapest £5). Unfortunately my units have expired, otherwise I would happily have looked for you.

Browbeaten Sat 28-Feb-04 16:18:40

Could your old school help? Usually have to produce a birth cert when going to primary school.

Luckymum Sat 28-Feb-04 16:35:42 don't need to be exact, the town will do. If you don't know that, the information you give is 'that which you believe to be true' so you give wherever you believe you were born. You can get a birth certificate from the General Registry Office who hold all English birth records here

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