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banned from other forum...... Is it Okay to move over to here.....

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melw7 Tue 10-Dec-13 20:15:10

Hi. I got banned from another forum by saying that a thread was a wind up...... I also used to get a lot of my posts pulled for speaking my mind.

Can you speak your mind here????. I thought it was a free world and we had freedom of speech???. I really am not that bad, I actually got on with a few people, but some were so touchy.

First time posting here, and i hope i do not get banned with my first post. What is the point of a debate if you cant say what you want. I was not even nasty either..... but a lot of people are so mummsy. smile. I am not posting to offend anyone, but it would be good to have a normal conversation without being warned every second.

Anyway, sorry for droaning on. My names Mel, I have 5 children, and looking for a few friends for a normal chat..... Tell me were not all touchy here..... PLEASE. =D.

MoreThanChristmasCrackers Tue 10-Dec-13 22:25:40

Hello OP, I've been drinkin

thanks cake fsmile wine

melw7 Tue 10-Dec-13 23:30:27

Understood smile

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