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Sex & The City: Does it divide men and women?

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WideWebWitch Wed 20-Feb-02 21:40:16

An article in The Observer (I think, might have been S.Times) recently said that Sex & The City divided the sexes since women generally love it and men hate it.

My sister says that her husband hates it because it's about "a bunch of shallow vain women" (I wouldn't argue with that but I still like it) and 'polices' her laughter slightly - i.e she'd better not find the jokes about impotence/penis size/whatever TOO funny. My dp loves it and watches with me: what are other people's dh/dps like?

Pupuce Wed 20-Feb-02 21:44:57

I love it but DH doesn't - just asked him - it's all about women problems according to him so he can't relate. So he'll go to bed and I'll watch !

jessi Wed 20-Feb-02 23:29:44

My DH loves it, thinks its a right laugh and probably fanices SJ Parker!

jasper Thu 21-Feb-02 01:01:55

I love it, dh tells me he hates it but often comes into the room while I watch it and lingers awhile.
I think if there was a male equivalent with four men on about their sex lives I would feel very uncomfortable though.
The new storylines are great, arent they? ( Trey and the cardboard baby!)

Enid Thu 21-Feb-02 09:28:14

It is 'appointment TV' for dp and I - he loves it just as much as I do, plus he gets to swoon over Samantha and Carrie while I get to drool over Adrian.

Enid Thu 21-Feb-02 09:29:12

'Manchild' on BBC2 has been loudly proclaimed as the male version of Sex and the City. It isn't really, but is pretty funny and well written.

winnie Thu 21-Feb-02 12:18:20

Hate it, hate it, hate it and no...I am not a man (thank goodness)!!!!!

Bugsy Thu 21-Feb-02 13:19:44

I find S&TC dated. These women seem to be having the same dilemas that my friends and I did when we were at university 10 years ago. I don't know how old they are all supposed to be, but if they are meant to be 30+, then they seem somewhat emotionally retarded!

Enid Thu 21-Feb-02 13:30:49

I think they are supposed to be about 35, which I find immensely satisfying as it makes me feel very together and rather smug.

chiara71 Thu 21-Feb-02 13:50:52

dh finds it funny, I find it hilarious, but agree with it being shallow and maybe a bit unreal (I surely can't relate to those lifestyles!!), but the jokes are really funny!!!!!!!

WideWebWitch Thu 21-Feb-02 13:56:23

They are all about 35, but Samantha admitted to being older (40-ish) a while back. Kim Cattrall, who plays her, is actually 44! Hope I look like that at 44, but not very likely

sis Thu 21-Feb-02 14:20:50

Winnie, I agree - it is awful, especially SJP's voiceover bit. The worst part is that they keep advertisinf it all the time on E4 together with my other pet hate Ally McBeal. Just get on with a new series of The West Wing!!!

ChanelNo5 Thu 21-Feb-02 14:56:40

I love S&TC, it's good lighthearted entertainment. I love Footballers' Wives more though - I was watching it in the gym this week and there was lots of saucy s******g scenes in it, the bloke next to me was watching it too and he was huffing and puffing and getting very red in the face (I hope it was because he was on the treadmill!!!)

janh Thu 21-Feb-02 15:54:58

I watched it for the first time last night - the junior daughter (nearly 17) watches it all the time and I happened to be in the room when it started.
Apart from SJP's chap, whose face is OK and whose character seemed nice (if bland) too, I thought the men were hideous - both Trey and the one with the enormous pink d*** have Muppet mouths. But some of it made me laugh.
What I want to know is, where is this gorgeous expensive tree-lined street in Manhattan (???) with no cars in it???? As if!

Tigermoth Thu 21-Feb-02 17:01:55

Hate S&TC for all the reasons given here, but find Manchild much better (Am I wierd here?). Dh ates both, but he's teething at the moment, so his opinion is not as reliable as usual.

Tigermoth Thu 21-Feb-02 17:02:46

Ooops, dropped my 'h'. Should read 'hates'.

debster Thu 21-Feb-02 19:21:21

SATC is the ONLY programme (OK other than Buffy the Vampire Slayer but that's another story) that my dp and I watch together. We both love it. BTW anyone else p****d off that whenever there's any sport on telly Buffy always gets cancelled? Grrr!

Willow2 Thu 21-Feb-02 23:06:43

Re SITC. WE both think it's one of the funniest things on TV. Debster - we are also Buffy addicts - you're just gonna have to get SKY if you want uninterrupted viewing. Just had two hours of Buff and Angel. Bliss.

WideWebWitch Fri 22-Feb-02 10:42:52

Tigermoth, did you say your husband was teething?!! Agree about the tree lined, carless street in Manhatten and the ugly men (apart from Aidan).

Tigermoth Fri 22-Feb-02 20:45:58

Yes, www, he's cutting a new tooth in an erstwhile empty place in his mouth. A great shock to us all!

Tinker Fri 22-Feb-02 20:55:24

I don't find Big at all attractive, and that he's called "Big" anyway.

Find Miranda's voice really annoying, Carrie looks better moving - ie she's not very photogenic, is she? And Samantha is from Liverpool, you know.

But I don't watch it!

janh Fri 22-Feb-02 21:05:16

Is Carrie SJP?
I had only seen still pictures of her before and was surprised how not-unattractive she is, moving...her still pictures are really awful!
Which one's Big? Pink....etc???

Tinker Sat 23-Feb-02 00:20:43

janh - yep SJP is Carrie and Big is her ex who keeps re-appearing when her story lines are flagging - the rich older guy. Pink? Don't know.

bossykate Sat 23-Feb-02 07:11:44

i do like s&tc (feel it is going off the boil though - essentially the same theme over and over?) finding it very funny. however, i frequently beg miranda to do something more flattering with her hair!! i think dh tolerates it for my sake! ah, bless!

Lizzer Mon 25-Feb-02 15:29:16

Have to say one positive point of dpp (that is my new term for Dear Possible Partner - seeing as a few dates doesn't make him qualify for dropping the middle p yet) is that he said he watches s&tc and likes it. Very promising and balances the fact that he is football fan!!!

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