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Email help, please

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stupidgirl Fri 27-Feb-04 23:02:35

Please can someone help me? I have tried to log into by bt email account this evening and it has told me that now it has changed over to bt yahoo that I need to download additional software. I have done that and got logged in, and now it seems that my account - as a secondary account (I set up my email on my parents account before I have internet access at home, I then kept it as my main email to avoid the hassle of changing it) it now appears to have been deleted. I had no warning of this - I guess my parents did, but didn't think to tell me. Help! What can I do. I have been thinking of changing my ISP (I'm with AOL) so don't want to change my email to there, is there an independent email I can open - HELP! I feel completely bereft. I don't know what to do...someone, I know this is tiny, please.

spacemonkey Fri 27-Feb-04 23:05:38

stupidgirl, what about hotmail? You can pick it up in Outlook Express or via ...

lavender1 Fri 27-Feb-04 23:06:56

had some complications too when trying to set up separate account to dh, have yahoo account and all my e-mail comes here, and I send all sorts out of it...basically if you ask jeeves and then go for yahoo account, it should tell you how, ask for name, password, name of new e-mail etc...any probs....pleas e-mail me via contact another talker

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