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Anyone good at identifying makes of car?

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Pacific Fri 27-Feb-04 10:34:13

OK, I feel a bit daft asking this question but MNs appear to be the fount of all knowledge so you may be able to help me.

I was knocked of my motorbike yesterday and have a few minor injuries including a fracture. However it was a hit and run. Because I was injured the police are prepared to investigate it a bit more than they usually would but I cannot identify the car involved. In my befuddled state after being sprawled out on the road I only caught a fleeting glimpse of the car.

So here goes...see if you can suggest a make of car from this description.

It was old (about 10-15 years) and an old shape, hatchback about the size of an Astra but definitely not an Astra. The rear lights were in a row above the bumper, not in a cluster or a triangle like more modern cars. It was quite angular shape not curvy like new cars. I'm almost certain it would be a Japanese make...Nissan or Mazda. It was definitely not an Astra, Escort, Peugeot, Citroen or Rover

So any suggestions? Not a lot to go on but the police said that they may be able to trace the car just from the colour and the model.

Thanks in advance.

Janh Fri 27-Feb-04 10:42:28

Glad you weren't too badly hurt, Pacific! You poor thing! No witnesses, presumably?

When you say the lights were in a row, do you mean horizontally or vertically? (Planning to stalk the supermarket car park later!) What colour was it?

Luckymum Fri 27-Feb-04 10:42:52

Pacific.......are you OK? Hope you're not in too much pain. I'm surprised you got the info you did, were there no other witnesses? Sorry I'm not much good with cars but hope they get him (ooer suppose it might be a her!)

Pacific Fri 27-Feb-04 10:53:25

The lights were horizontal. I also am going to stalk a car park later but at the moment i am a bit too sore.

Thank you for your concern Janh and Luckymum. I'm a bit bruised down my right side but I've broken my big toe! It's hardly life threatening but very, very sore! And I can only wear slippers. We are going to a big family occasion this weekend so I will be all dressed up to the nines with my lovely new outfit on......and my slippers.

Fizog Fri 27-Feb-04 10:55:02

Fiat's have their lights in a vertical column down the sides of the back windscreen. Not much use but other than newer Fiestas etc - they're the only car I can think of.

Also Deawoo's look a little like Vauxhalls - If it looked like an Astra could well have been a deawoo

Pacific Fri 27-Feb-04 10:56:32

Soory, also meant to say, it was white not metallic. It was a single male driver.....driving like a maniac.

Hulababy Fri 27-Feb-04 10:56:55

Sorry to hear about your accident and hope you are starting to improve gardually.

Have you tried looking at the websites of potential cars - there are norammly good all round pictures on many of them

Bron Fri 27-Feb-04 11:02:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pacific Fri 27-Feb-04 11:02:31

Yes, thought about that Hulababy, but it was so old it wouldn't be pictured in any current adverts. I thought if I had a few suggestions I could search and eliminate each in turn

I don't think it was a Deawoo Fizog. I think I would have identified that one.

Bron Fri 27-Feb-04 11:02:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

survivour Fri 27-Feb-04 11:14:10

Pacific, hope your better soon. could it have been the old Vauxhall Nova's?

Pacific Fri 27-Feb-04 11:23:44

No, not a Nova, have had one of those and woule have identified it.

Just had a look at 'Autotrader'. I think it may have been an old Toyota but I need to see a picture of the rear.

Twinkie Fri 27-Feb-04 11:23:59

An old Honda??

And who make the Persona and Proton - could it have been one of those?

Twinkie Fri 27-Feb-04 11:29:30

Go to W H Smith and try and find a Haynes Manual - they have pictures of the cars going back a few years - if not look on Ebay at their car bit they have lots of old cars for sale and there may be a picture - I will have a search for you anyway.X

3GirlsMum Fri 27-Feb-04 11:34:31

Sorry to hear about your accident but glad that you are ok. I hope that they find this man for you. Could it be a Hyundai?

GenT Fri 27-Feb-04 11:44:01

Sorry to hear about your accident. Hope you are on the mend.

I am going to put this thread on DH to do list, he is a car fanatic and I am sure he can help, lots of questions he may have, but I am sure you will be enlightened.

Luckymum Fri 27-Feb-04 11:53:03

Eeeeeeee Pacific, how fast can you run in your slippers?

Sorry, if you're not a Peter Kay fan you won't understand. Glad its not anything major broken but toes are really painful aren't they?

Pacific Fri 27-Feb-04 12:05:27

I'm pretty sure it was a Toyota, Hyundai, Honda or Nissan. Very old but banger rather than classic. (DH is a classic car nut and I can identify most of the classis cars) If I could only see pictures of the rear, I could identify it straight away.

willow2 Fri 27-Feb-04 13:22:24

My friend's two year old son is brilliant at it - "That's a mercedes, that's a bmw, that's a peugeot" - would he be of any help

Pacific Fri 27-Feb-04 22:08:22

Right, by a process of elimination, I am almost sure that the car in question is a Nissan Sunny.

Does anyone know where I might be able to see a rear view as I am sure that I could identify it by the lights.

kiwisbird Fri 27-Feb-04 22:15:25

have pic here pacific?
mail me your email via contact anotehr talker...

kiwisbird Fri 27-Feb-04 22:16:40

I just did image search on good old google for missan sunny it was there, I have looked through adn saved a pic of rear view of older car..
xx J
My Dh is a biker and I am sick of lunatics

Pacific Sat 28-Feb-04 00:15:33

I'm going away in the morning to aforementioned family celebration. I will not be on Mumsnet until Sunday evening but in the meantime if anyone has a flash of inspiration, please let me know.

DH is going to take me around a few scrapyards since we drew a blank on the carparks.


WideWebWitch Sat 28-Feb-04 05:22:45

Pacific, glad you're ok. I was going to suggest a Honda or a Nissan Bluebird. Do let us know if you discover the make.

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