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Can anybody help me to find.....................

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Daffy Tue 19-Feb-02 20:05:40

I am depseratley looking for a copy of The Voucher System For Home-A Behaviour Management Program by Gail Brewster. It's on sale in America and is highly recommended in helping to change childrens behaviour, from bad to good. It works a bit like a star chart. Or does anyone know of a similar thing? Please help!

SueDonim Tue 19-Feb-02 20:51:56

Have you tried buying it through I've ordered books from abroad through them and it's been no problem.

Reager Tue 19-Feb-02 21:17:55

I saw the "Good for you Star Chart" at

WideWebWitch Tue 19-Feb-02 23:06:14

can't help with where to get that, but if it's a chart rather than a book about how to change behaviour, could you make your own chart on the computer? It would mean that you could insert pictures of rewards that particularly appeal to your ds/dd

bells2 Wed 20-Feb-02 09:59:12

Does anybody know what has happened to They used to do personalised books for children but I can't seem to access the web site any more.

Alibubbles Wed 20-Feb-02 10:02:34

They have four by Gail Brewster at ( don't have them) HTH

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