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Any other Open University mumsnetters?

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amymum Tue 19-Feb-02 13:02:10

Just wondering if anyone else is / has studied with the Open University. I've just started A103 (arts foundation course) and am about to apply to Summer School. I really want to go, but am not looking forward to being without dd for a whole week! And also not sure whether dh is up to looking after her alone for a whole week! Has anyone else been to a OU Summer School and survived? Love to hear from you.

Hilary Tue 19-Feb-02 14:10:59

Yes, I am. Good to hear of another OU Mum. I did a year of my degree at University and now am carrying on with the OU because it fits in so well now that I have children. I have just started E242 about education for people with learning disabilities and 2 years ago (between children) I did A231 Religious diversity in Britain. I'm choosing courses without summer schools for now because of the reasons you mention. How are you getting on with the course so far?

Tinker Tue 19-Feb-02 18:34:45

I'm another OU student. Did French last year - had to drop it for this year since "they" have changed the course - ie you need to spend more money! Plus the summer school, in France, is compulsory so may wait til my 4 year old is a little older - maybe. Am doing the English Language option this year - at least I should be if I could actually find a minute and some self-discipline to get down to it!

janh Tue 19-Feb-02 19:56:50

Well, I really admire you all. I intended to start OU many years ago when dd1 was a toddler, and started tutorials in the autumn when she was 2½, but when the actual course (Arts foundation) (? English foundation?) started in January I was 6 months preg and totally exhausted and just couldn't do it.
Never got around to it again...good luck to all of you - Tinker, summer school in France sounds excellent, hope you'll be able to do it before too long!

Marula Tue 19-Feb-02 22:06:25

Message withdrawn

star Wed 20-Feb-02 18:00:01

Message withdrawn

Deborahf Wed 20-Feb-02 22:23:15

Hi Amymum

It's been a long time since I was at Summer School, but I'd recommend it to anyone. Not only will it help you enormously with your OU studies (I did A102), but you will enjoy having time to yourself. You will miss dd but enjoy being reunited at the end of the week and dh will cope just fine. I know - my little boy was only six months when I went - he's now six and thriving!!

I've just started on another degree course with the OU - S103 Science Matters. This has a summer school as well, and unfortuately I won't be able to go this year. However, I fully intend to go next year. My only difficulty at the moment is trying to fit in study, planning and fitting a new bathroom and kitchen, decorating my son's bedroom and keeping house!! Sometimes I think paid employment was easier :-))))

Good luck - go for it and enjoy it.

shiv Fri 22-Feb-02 22:11:42

Hi I haven't done OU but completed my B HSc Nursing externally over four years with Southern Cross Uni in NSW, Aust. It toook four years. and while doing it I got married, had two children 1 with hyperemesis gravidarium for entire pregnancy and had, I had to go on a residential every year first year I was pregnant. second year was breastfeeding my 6mo so he came. much fun there. third year I missed and got a cert and fourth year my husband came along to look after nearly two year old and I was heavily pregnant, but i really enjoyed the whole experience and now want to do my masters externally. I hope all goes well for you

Tinker Mon 15-Jul-02 00:39:16

To other OU students - have you ever failed an essay because you've been late? I've contacted my tutor to tell her it'll be late but I still don't think it will be in as early as she would like!! Help!


baz Mon 15-Jul-02 09:26:10

Hi Tinker. if you checked with your tutor first there should be no problem getting an extension. I think they only have problems if they don't hear from you.

On the residential school note, if you have a child under 2, you're exempt and don't lose out on any marks. I have however just returned from my first summer school and boy did I have a ball. next year I am definately going to do another. I thought I'd lost my party genes after dd was born, but they just needed waking up.

salalex Sun 21-Jul-02 21:59:03

Tinker, what course are you doing? I've done 4 years worth but cannot seem to get around to doing the 5th. You shouldn't fail cos you are late - they are usually pretty cool about it IME. But this is probably toolate now, as you'll have done the essay and handed it in by now!

Tinker Tue 23-Jul-02 23:27:16

Hello salalex - I'm doing a mix really. Did French last year but the module changed this year so, rather than complicate things, I've put that off for next year, and am doing English language this year. Am enjoying it but would rather get back to the French. Trouble is it is very expensive next year and involves summer school in France (which would be great) but I'm not sure how I'll manage childcare for a week! We'll see. What did you study?

Baz - I handed it in last Tues. Think I'll be alright, only 6 days over but it's hard to get motivated in the middle. Lost the orginal good intentions from the beginning of the course.

Tinker Tue 10-Sep-02 22:49:35

Any other OU people - have you ever resorted to a substitution mark for a TMA? I'm going to have to do it for my last essay as just can't get down to it and I feel such a failure!! Please tell me lots of people do this! Thanks

Deborahf Thu 12-Sep-02 20:37:18

Hi Tinker

I've had a substitution score for a TMA (or two) I recall. It's not a sign of failure, it just shows that you are studying for a degree, bringing up a family, running a household, etc, etc. I could go on and on - as it brings back many memories. Don't worry about it, a lot of OU students have substituion scores

Anyway, you've done far better than me. I started on S103 in January (with dd just 4 months) and thought this'll be easy. But I got sidetracked by a new bathroom & kitchen. I ended up taking a break this year. I'll do it again next year. Then it'll be my turn to post for help and advise as I miss another TMA deadline

Tinker Thu 12-Sep-02 21:12:05

Hello Deborah and thanks for reassurance. Just got to make sure I pass the exam now or none of it will matter anyway!! What course were you studying? Sorry, know I could look up the code but....

cazzybabs Fri 13-Sep-02 21:53:29

I am going to start an open uni course in feb and am very scared how I am going to cope with a nine month old baby, an almost full time job and a b/f who works long hours....still I am looking forward to learning again.

Tinker Sat 14-Sep-02 11:20:22

cazzybabs - know that feeling well. Are you doing a 30 point or 60 point course? I have noticed that the workload for the 60 point course feels a lot more demanding than the 30 point. However, I have limited my *studying* to working on my essays (TMA's) this year. Not at all ideal and not what you really envisage doing when you sign up but the reality of doing 15 hours of home study AND working f/t with a daughter means that somethings has to give.

However, I've managed to pass them and passed my exam last year so it is do-able. You may just have to be strategic and work *smart* rather than hard.

What course are you doing?

ScummyMummy Sat 14-Sep-02 13:41:34

Tinker is a smartypants! I like the thought of working smart rather than hard v much. Starting an evening class type of counselling course soon and must must try and get the smart/hard working balance right. Feel it's my last chance to prove to myself that I CAN do motivate myself to do a bit of studying while being a parent/having a working life... Spectacularly failed to stay the course on a p/t PGCE a while back, so am hoping that a more low key thing will work for me. Should really help with work as well so that might help me stay motivated... here's hoping!

Tinker Sat 14-Sep-02 14:59:19

I wish it were true Scummy! On re-reading my last post, I should have added that I'm also a lazy a***!

Anyway good luck with your course. Sounds interesting.

cazzybabs Sun 15-Sep-02 12:45:39

I am doing a 60 unit course - ha ha mores the fool!!!! Oh well - it will stop the mush that is occuring in my head depatment.

cazzybabs Sun 15-Sep-02 12:47:44

OH yes and Tinker I am doing DSE212 (exploring psychology).

Deborahf Sun 15-Sep-02 15:45:26

Hi Cazzybabs - good luck with DSE212.
Tinker - sorry for the delay in getting back to you - S103 - discovering science. And good luck with your exam.

I've had my year off now. DD is a year old on Tuesday. As I've signed up to do S103 again next year (having pulled out this year) and have some of the units at home, I suppose I'd better make a start. At least I'll give my self a "safety cushion" in case of problems later

Hilary Fri 04-Oct-02 21:01:49

So is anyone else supposed to be revising for an exam and keeps being sneaking off to Mumsnet?

My exam is a week today and I have been assuming I can wing it as I've had good marks for all my assignments but I realised today that the exam counts for half the course, not the 20% I had supposed. Panic sets in but I have had it up to my ears with the course now and can barely look at the books, never mind open them!

Anyone else got an exam coming up?

Tinker Fri 04-Oct-02 21:15:10

Hilary - got mine of Thursday and, oh dear, I seem to be looking at this site again!!!!!

What are you doing?

Alibubbles Fri 04-Oct-02 21:41:17

I'm starting E123 in February - Early years practitioner. Signed up and waiting to go!

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