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How do you know when the time is right

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fairydust Tue 24-Feb-04 15:53:18

How do you know when the time is right to have another baby???

Angeliz Tue 24-Feb-04 15:56:00

fairydust, my dd is 3 tomorrow and i've ponered over that one for ages. When dd is in school,when she's older, really quick so they'll play together?????????????????????????????

I am trying at the moment as if i got pregnant now dd will have been in nursery for a few months so wouldn't feel pushed out and i will get a little time for new baby!

I jus know now is right and i've never felt that before now. I needed to feel i really WANTED another one and now i do++

secur Tue 24-Feb-04 16:18:05

Message withdrawn

Twinkie Tue 24-Feb-04 16:33:00

Its never right you just have to do it!!

You never have enough time/money/energy etc etc etc.............

Well that is what I think.

oliveoil Wed 25-Feb-04 13:39:54

My mum said that if you wait till you have enough money/a bigger house/a good job/etc etc you will never have children.

handlemecarefully Wed 25-Feb-04 14:33:34

When you start to feel broody - I think then the time is right

Linnet Wed 25-Feb-04 21:27:23

I don't think there is ever a right time to have another baby. If everyone waited until they were ready nobody would have kids. I wanted another one when our dd was 3 but dh wasn't very keen on the idea at the time.

I'm now due in May and my dd will be 6 and a half when baby arrives. Sometimes I worry that is too big an age gap and I wish I had insisted on having another one when dd was still little so that their ages would be closer, but then there is the positive things like dd is at school and has her own friends, outside interests, isn't as dependant on us as she was etc. Of course there are days when I worry that another baby is going upset our happy little family but I know that in the end it will all work out fine, I hope anyway

marthamoo Wed 25-Feb-04 21:32:44

When you start wanting one. And I hate to be doomy and gloomy but best laid plans and all that - sometimes things don't work out as you hope so you may as well just go for it.

I had my gap all sorted in my head - started ttc when ds1 was 2, new sibling was to arrive just before he was three. Two years later I finally got pregnant, only to miscarry Took another 6 months before I conceived again. So my nice neat three year gap turned into five. You'll make it work whatever the age gap - I don't think it's wise to think you can plan too rigidly.

misdee Wed 25-Feb-04 21:37:44

now! well thats what i tell my dh.

Angeliz Wed 25-Feb-04 21:47:26

That's what i worry about Linnet. It's all so perfact at the moment and i'm scared it will all be bedlam(SP) and that i'll not get as much snuggly time with dd!
(but i had my freind over today with her 4 month old son and am still broody)
Do you have just one child right now fairydust?

princesspeahead Wed 25-Feb-04 22:11:06

It is right when you start posting threads on mumsnet with the title "how do you know when the time is right?" !!
Go for it.

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