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got Beef (eater)?

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jimmijam Sat 09-Nov-13 14:52:07

In short..
Went to beefeater a few weeks ago, food was disgusting, but staff didn't come to clear our plates, or ask how our meal was when we paid so no opportunity to say so.... also, special offers cant have been applied as our meals cost a small fortune, but we weren't given an itemised receipt.

Posted on their fb page, told to e-mail them.
Done so twice. No reply (meant to take up to 2 days, been nearly 2 weeks. fb messages sent, and written on their page for other customers to see. was told 1 week ago they'd chase it up and let me know what was happening with the reply..nope.

What should I do next?
At first I was just annoyed at the foul food, and just wanted it acknowledged, but now I'm really annoyed and wanting a full apology for the poor food and customer service.
am I being unreasonable? Should I even bother. I'm thinking setting up a 'we hate beefeater' page on fb or campaign on twitter may be better, and fun.

p.s they've really wound me up.

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