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Who uses/used microwave to warm bottles (and who didn't?)

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CountessDracula Mon 23-Feb-04 15:57:25

Prompted by another thread - I remember feeling v paranoid about this when dd was first born until an Aussie midwife said that they all do it over there, even in the hospitals!

From that day on I used the microwave, and tbh everyone I know does the same despite the "hot spot" warnings. I do feel if you shake the bottle thoroughly and then leave it for at least a minute there is no issue.

So who did it and who used bottle warmers/warm water, and why?

ClearWater Mon 23-Feb-04 16:00:12

Yep, I use the microwave for ds2's bottles. Did for ds1 too. TBH, I don't know a single person who uses one of those special warmer thingies.

Browbeaten Mon 23-Feb-04 16:00:32

Yes, microwave user and shaker here

Hulababy Mon 23-Feb-04 16:00:32

I didn't use a microwave for meal to start with as was worried about the hot spots problem (and din't have microwave then either ). We had a bottle warmer.

When weaning though we got a microwave and did use that for defrostiung and reheating DD's food - she was probably about 4 months for that; and then used it for milk from about 6 months and found the bottle warmer a fad at times.

150percent Mon 23-Feb-04 16:00:53

I use the microwave, though have a couple of friends still asking for a jug of hot water - I'm assuming they'll stop when they have to heat food through in the microwave come weaning!

Occasional exception when I used the odd bottle at night (mainly b/fed so not often an issue unless I was totally wacked) then I heated the bottle in the bathroom sink using hot tap water.

collision Mon 23-Feb-04 16:01:13

I did it as long as dh wasnt around as he did not approve. NEVER had a problem though and would do it again if I had a microwave!

Twinkie Mon 23-Feb-04 16:03:07

I did - not using one comes close to stuffing mushrooms in terms of time in my lilfe!!

wobblyknicks Mon 23-Feb-04 16:03:24

I've always heated food in the microwave and never seen a problem but have never heated bottles like that because I do the thing of having ready boiled water in the bottle, adding a bit of boiling water to warm it up when needed, then adding the powder.

emmatmg Mon 23-Feb-04 16:06:06

We used warm water with DS1 until he was a few months old then it was warmed in the microwave, DS2's were a few weeks in water then the microwave and DS3 was just days old before we changed to the microwave.

He's 5 months now and all his milk and food gets the microwave treatment.

I always give the bottle a good shake but have never let it stand for a while as when all 3 have wanted milk it got to be NOW and letting it stand wasn't and still isn't a option

ClearWater Mon 23-Feb-04 16:06:29

Wobblyknicks, I've heard of people doing that but never knew the reasoning behind it. Is it for freshness reasons? I thought the fridge kept them fresh enough?
Not saying it's wrong, just curious

Davros Mon 23-Feb-04 16:06:43

I've always used a microwave to warm bottled milk for baby. If you're worried about hot spots, you can take the lid off, stand a metal spoon in it (yes, metal!) and it will dissipate any hot spots. I thought you couldn't put ANYTHING metal in the microwave but the dishwasher engineer showed me and it works (but I don't bother!).

Twinkie Mon 23-Feb-04 16:09:52

Mind you DD has got 3 heads and green tongue!!!

emmatmg Mon 23-Feb-04 16:10:11

I like that idea wobblyknicks.......might just pince it from you if you don't mind!!

kiwisbird Mon 23-Feb-04 16:11:02

I make it fresh with boiled water and then cold tap water til it hits the right temp, still dd is 16 mths and only started bottles at a year old.
I use my microwave for heating her dinners though, heat, mix and stand til correct temperature, I remain slightly paranoid about microwaves...

marialuisa Mon 23-Feb-04 16:15:38

Well health and safety will be after me. I used to make the bottles up the night before and just leave them on the kitchen top until they cooled. Some would go in the fridge and DD would have them cold, others would just stay in my bag (if we were going out)so they'd be room temp. She never had any probs.

We bought a microwave specially to sterilize the bottles but in a post-partum haze I nuked about 12 in the first 2 weeks.

Angeliz Mon 23-Feb-04 16:17:47

I always heated it in a jug of boiled water and had a bottle warmer in my bedroom with a cool boiled bottle and seperate formula,(so i didn't have to o down the stairs)
I was just always worried about "hot spots" but i guess if you shake it enough it would be fine.I intend to do it as quick as possible with new baby so it doesn't wake dd up

binkie Mon 23-Feb-04 16:24:55

Going a bit further, and I know I'm not alone, mine never got their bottles warmed up at all ever - and were perfectly happy with warm milk, room temperature milk, just-defrosted milk, straight out of the emergency carton in the car milk. Suspect the warmed bottle thing is a guilt burden foisted on us? (And I did bf for the first 5 months, so it's not as if they didn't know about warm.)

wobblyknicks Mon 23-Feb-04 16:29:47

clearwater - I don't do it for fresheness, just ease and speed. Haven't had a situation yet where I couldn't get freshly boiled water and if we're going off in the country I just take a thermos. I find taking just water in the bottle means I don't have to wait ages for it to warm, like in a bowl of hot water, and I don't have to worry about keeping it cool beforehand, as the water will stay fresh at any temp. More recently its been good because then I also have fresh water for dd to drink or to mix with her food and I don't need any extra bottles, I can just put a little more in her normal bottles and if I have any extra, just tip it away.

emma - don't mind if you nick the idea at all! For me, and this is only my lifestyle I'm talking about - I'm not trying to pass judgement, there's no point making the milk up beforehand, it's loads more hassle for nothing.

CountessDracula Mon 23-Feb-04 16:32:49

I don't bother to "heat" dd's either, she has always been happy with room temperature.

Only do if it is from the fridge (the nanny makes up her bottles every evening and refrigerates them) At weekend I use cartons!

SHIREENSMOM Mon 23-Feb-04 16:35:17

i used microwaves its quicker

carla Mon 23-Feb-04 16:36:40

Microwave v. baby screaming their head of for 10 mins? Think it took me about eight weeks to sort that one out!

wobblyknicks Mon 23-Feb-04 16:36:50

Have just remembered something else too - with using just water, if I overheat it I can just cool it with water from another bottle, pour the excess water into the second bottle and be done. WOuldn't like doing that with already prepared milk because of the advice to keep it cool.

Angeliz Mon 23-Feb-04 16:38:16

O.K think i might be converted, now how will i fit a microwave in me bedroom

Issymum Mon 23-Feb-04 16:39:37

Made the bottles with slightly cooled boiling water, let them cool down, put them in fridge, microwaved them, then shook them vigorously.

DH was in charge of bottles and he quickly dispensed with that tiny silly little scoop thing that comes with the powder and, using one of the smaller American measuring cups worked out how much powder you need for 24 hours worth of bottles and how much water you would need for that number of bottles. So using a whisk, a measuring cup and a measuring jug he could make 24hrs worth of milk in two movements and then pour it from the jug into the bottles. That's what happens when you marry an engineer

wobblyknicks Mon 23-Feb-04 16:40:27

Angeliz - keep it in the bottom of your wardrobe of course!!!

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