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scummylover Wed 13-Feb-02 10:46:11

It's ScummyMummy's birthday.

I think she deserves a fantastic day.

Marina Wed 13-Feb-02 11:15:46

And definitely not a scummy one. Happy birthday ScummyMummy!

callie Wed 13-Feb-02 12:06:46

Happy Birthday scummy!
How old are you? I think your around 28. Am I right?

jodee Wed 13-Feb-02 12:26:28

29???? Have a good one - and can we have a birthday poem please!

Twink Wed 13-Feb-02 12:40:28

Hope you have a great day scummymummy and that scummylover spoils you rotten

pamina Wed 13-Feb-02 12:48:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ChanelNo5 Wed 13-Feb-02 12:54:09

Happy Birthday, you young slip of a girl

sis Wed 13-Feb-02 13:05:59

Have a scrummy day!

Enid Wed 13-Feb-02 13:08:50

Happy Birthday ScummyMummy, if i was at all talented I would write you a birthday poem but you might have to do the honours yourself! Have a lovely day.

ScummyMummy Wed 13-Feb-02 16:05:42

Oi! What is this infiltration of my favourite website, boyo? My reputation will be in ruins!

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! I was v chuffed and surprised to see a Happy Birthday thread.

P.S. Scummylover- I may have to change my name to Scummyloverlover. See you soon, sweets.

Joe1 Wed 13-Feb-02 16:13:48

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Scummy and Pamina
Happy Birthday to you.

JoAnne427 Wed 13-Feb-02 16:14:58

Birthday Haiku...

Gifts we wish for you
Desires, dreams all come true
Scummymummy's day

(I think "desires" has 3 syllables..)

Pamina, was it your's yesterday? Happy Birthday!

Faith Wed 13-Feb-02 18:13:10

Happy Birthday!
Have a scrummy-yummy birthday scummyMummy.

Batters Wed 13-Feb-02 20:45:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lill Wed 13-Feb-02 21:04:24

How romantic are you scummymummy/scummylover? How jealous am I?
Have a super birthday
best wishes lill (2ls)
Btw anyone got an idea for my new nickname?

JoAnne427 Wed 13-Feb-02 21:06:14

how 'bout - 2ls

Tigermoth Thu 14-Feb-02 17:28:38

Belated Birthday wishes Scummy!

Ems Fri 15-Feb-02 10:48:54

Lill, why dont you become a Lily? I dont think we have a Lily.

Tigermoth Fri 15-Feb-02 13:53:36

... or even a Tigerlily, then you could share a bit of my name instead!

Enid Fri 15-Feb-02 14:11:57

Its really really hard now to find a good name on mumsnet (hence 'Enid'. Just when you think you've picked one that you've never seen on here, whoops, 'name already taken'! There must be lots more 'lurkers' out there than you'd think...

Enid Fri 15-Feb-02 14:12:51

' so thats how you do it!

Tinker Fri 15-Feb-02 22:19:26

Belated birthday greetings ScummyMummy - hope you had a great one

winnie Wed 20-Feb-02 13:56:07

Very belated Birthday wishes Scummymummy & Pamina

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