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batey Sun 22-Feb-04 18:02:28

Anyone else going?? We're seeing them in Bristol next Sat. Both dds v. excited, although dd2 more excited about going on a train I think! So...anyone?

neetsmassi Sun 22-Feb-04 18:07:52

We went on Friday - I was not looking forward to it but we had a fab time - I am sure you will enjoy it - merchandise is very expensive - helium ballons £6 - so beware!

marialuisa Sun 22-Feb-04 18:08:23

We're off to see them, but not until the end of march. DD is really excited, she wants to be charli when she grows up.

nutcracker Sun 22-Feb-04 18:08:31

Oh no, i didn't know anything about it. Will have to pray now that dd's don't find out. Are they doing a show in Birmingham do you know ???

twiglett Sun 22-Feb-04 18:10:58

message withdrawn

Hulababy Sun 22-Feb-04 18:12:34

Birmingham shows are on here.

Hulababy Sun 22-Feb-04 18:13:38

They are on the 18-20 March at the Alexandra Theatre. Prices are £8-15 a ticket.

batey Sun 22-Feb-04 21:05:52

Thanks for the merchandise warning. Will pre-warn dds that it's not an option! How long was the show approx... Dds have a party later?

popsycal Sun 22-Feb-04 21:10:10

i friend is taking his daughter ext weekend but in newcastle - how can they be in bristol ANd newcastle at the same time?

Hulababy Sun 22-Feb-04 21:19:24

Newcastle concerts are on the 2nd and 3rd march; Bristol on 26-28th Feb.

SueW Sun 22-Feb-04 22:17:14

They are fab - we saw them on a promo tour in Melbourne (Oz) 2-3 years ago when we were living there. They did a few songs in a local store and then we queued for ages to get DD's tape signed. She was rapt!

Posey Sun 22-Feb-04 22:42:20

We saw it yesterday, I thought it was great, probably because of dd dancing in the aisle. Nathan truly is Mr. Showbiz
Batey - It lasted just short of 1.5 hours including a 15min interval. Could have done with being just a bit longer IMO.
Merchandise warning, just to add to what neetsmassi said, the current dvd/video is a lot more expensive than we paid for it in Woolies (about £5 more)

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