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Tunbridge Wells - what's it like ?

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binker Sat 21-Feb-04 16:30:18

We are considering moving to Tunbridge Wells (tried moving to Dorset last year but no luck in selling this end - now,for various reasons we are looking in the Kent/Sussex border). Any views from Mumsnetters in that area would be really helpful !

charliecat Sat 21-Feb-04 16:55:52

Expensive! There are though some fab schools for 11 years up. Depends if you can afford to live in the lovely bits or not. I am in the middle of THE council estate, saying that though, as bad as it looks, ive had no trouble here in 4 years. And considering the size of the estate i live on theres only 2 or 3 familys whos kids are hell bent on wrecking the place, everyone else keeps themselves to themselves really.
There are some gorgeous places to live if youve big wads of cash to spend. The traffic through the town is torturous most of the time, the town centre is big with lots of posh names,i shop in cheaper Tonbridge myself and there are Tescos Sainsburys Safeways and Marks and Sparks in the town. Asda and Waitrose a 20 minute drive out.
Anything else just ask!

binker Sat 21-Feb-04 18:56:56

wow charliecat,that was a quick reply ! I only know Tunbridge Wells from a few brief drives through ages ago,visiting my grandma who lived in Wadhurst - I can remember lots of hills ! What are the primary schools like ?

nutcracker Sat 21-Feb-04 19:04:43

Charliecat - Where abouts is THE council estate that you live on ??? We are considering doing a exchange with a women who lives in Burchington. She said it is a nice quiet cul de sac, but she would say that wouldn't she. I'm just a bit worried about it, as obviously it will be a council estate.

charliecat Sat 21-Feb-04 19:20:58

Ive never heard of burchington nutcracker which is why i didnt respond on your thread. I live in Sherwood. No ideas???!!! Wadhurst is nice wee, again expensive village. Yes, lots of hills, lovely country side too and its got trains regular to London if anyone is intending on commuting, but the trains are like sardine tins at rush hour.
Primary schools, theres very very good ones like St Johns or bad ones like Sherwood. This is all very cenral T.Wells im talking about btw.
Lovely village called Matfield with a village pond and everything there....gorgeous place.
Theres lots of lovely places in T.wells actually...just not where i live ok!!!!!!!!!!
Brenchley and Matfield school had 99.9 on thier report thingy BUT no places and huge waiting lists so i would enquire at nearby schools if you do find a house you like.
Oh and Nutcracker, i got offered a lovely house in a quiet wee street but couldnt take it as no places at the local school and so rural there was no path to walk them to school if there was a place so your luck COULD be in!

nutcracker Sat 21-Feb-04 19:24:09

Thanks anyway Charliecat. I think it's just up from Margate. The ladies relatives live up here and are going to bring us some photos and videp of the house tommorow, so we shall see.

squirmyworm Sat 21-Feb-04 21:31:47

HI Binker,
I've worked in TW for some years now. Lovely town, great shops (esp on the pricey side), good bars and cafes and stuff and loads going on for kids (music classes, drama, etc etc). Charliecat is good - the secondary schools are fab. There are lovely walks minutes away from the town centre. Housing - expensive unless you are prepared to live a bit further out. Don't know what you are like Binker but the only disadvantage I'd say TW has is that it's very 'nice' - and I quite like a bit of rough in a town - big fan of Portsmouth and Bristol and Plymouth (I also like the sea!). While TW has its share of problems (bored teenagers, vandalism, drugs) it still feels quite restrained and polite - even a tad unfriendly at times in my view. Also Charliecat's comment about the traffic rings very true. If you are thinking of commuting anyway bear in mind that there are no proper full dual carriageways into or out of TW and it can take you 2 hours to get from where I live (about 15m away) into the town!! that's on a really bad day but even on a good one the traffic is frustrating to say the least and the rush hour goes in both directions. Villages like Bidborough are lovely. We ended up on the Kent surrey border and love it - let me know if you'd like any more info - happy to help if I can

squirmyworm Sat 21-Feb-04 21:32:28

meant to say charliecat is right - but I'm sure she's good too!

binker Sun 22-Feb-04 11:27:18

Squirmyworm - thanks so much, that's very helpful. I know what you mean about 'nice' places - I was brought up in Kew,in fact lived there until I was 31 and it is that kind of place - v middle class.When I moved I went to Brentford which at the time was quite a mix and a little bit more edgy,which I liked. Having said that it's now getting more refined ! Still, TW does sound good.Transport info v helpful.Ta !

Cam Sun 22-Feb-04 12:09:55


binker Sun 22-Feb-04 12:25:05

what,this conversation or Tunbridge Wells ?

Cam Mon 23-Feb-04 21:55:44

Oh, TW

gold123 Sun 29-Feb-04 19:40:31

I worked in Tunbridge Wells. Lived in Pembury (about three miles out) and then moved to Crowborough, East Sussex (5 miles to other way) Crowborough and Uckfield are pretty and cheaper as there is no MLS. Also nice route to visit Eastbourne and Brighton. Not so good on the A21 to Hastings.

pupuce Sun 29-Feb-04 19:55:56

Live in TW (near Pantiles) - like it. Primary schools are good... very good for shopping and decent amount of restaurants.... it all depends what you are going to do and what your priorities are.

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