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modelling contract for kids

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K8Hay Wed 23-Oct-13 15:41:21

Hi everyone,

This is something I found online yesterday and have booked my DD in for a test shot (she's 6.) Not done anything like it before, but thought it sounded like a good opportunity! Anyone got any advice for me on child modelling?
And is anyone else in Newcastle booking their kids in? It's for 2-8 year olds, boys and girls - you can win a contract with Tyne Tees Models.


zumo Thu 24-Oct-13 07:39:26

In our experience though not of this agency they take your money and if you hound them they send you to auditions you could just get of the internet your self

K8Hay Thu 24-Oct-13 08:57:05

Hi zumo, thanks for the advice - yes, thats something I've been really wary of when considering child modelling in the past.

The reason I thought to give this a go is because I've had a family portrait shot at this studio before (its called Clear Photographic and I do trust them... also the contract that you can win is free as well, so not having to hand over any big fees is a big bonus!

Anyway, sure we won't win as its the first time we've done anything like it, but hopefully will be a fun experience for DD.

what agencies have you tried?

zumo Fri 25-Oct-13 08:54:00

It was one in Warrington and they only gave us two appointments both of which we could have just found on the internet our selves.
Its interesting when she goes in Holister as they make a bee line for her to offer her a job in the shop as they recruit tall blond girls but shes still too young though as they must be 17.
A friend used the same one and got a couple of jobs small jobs that covers the fees with a small profit.
Another friend of ours is an actor, he plays minor talking parts hes an old bloke and pops up all over the place, his view is its a waste of time and money

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