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CBEEBIES - back to the 1950's?

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emsiewill Mon 11-Feb-02 16:35:46

We've only had the new "CEBEEBIES" channel on for about 1/2 an hour, but I'm already ready to punch the presenters in the face. They are SOOOOO patronising - just like all those spoofs of 1950's children's TV that you see. I'm glad that there's some new programmes on - there's only so many times you can watch "Superbods", but what was wrong with the old format? My children haven't complained yet (and I suppose that's the test), but I'm seriously considering it.
Please let me know I'm not alone, and it's not just a result of the horrendous day I've had, courtesy of various rail companies!

Enid Mon 11-Feb-02 17:21:59

I miss Adrian!

And the programmes are NOT popular with my 2 year old. The Shiny show is rubbish (apparently).

Enid Mon 11-Feb-02 17:26:52

actually the word she used was 'yucky'.

Marina Mon 11-Feb-02 20:00:15

Website's nice though!
CBeebies .
I am going to suppress this thread from family discussion as it will just be another excuse for my cheeseparing dh to put off getting a digital TV. Sorry to hear the channel is so useless.

Selja Mon 11-Feb-02 20:01:10

The Teletubbies Everywhere programme didn't go down too well with my ds. Teletubbies yes this new one no. Its the girl thats the worst of the presenters - its probably her first job out of drama school and she'd rather be anywhere but there. Liam is quite sweet so can we have him?

ScummyMummy Mon 11-Feb-02 20:09:42

I love the word "cheeseparing", Marina.

Batters Mon 11-Feb-02 21:57:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sylvev Mon 11-Feb-02 22:22:23

We agree. My 3 year old laughed at the presenters pretending to make sandwiches for their lunch! Bring back Michael and Liam!

fairy Mon 11-Feb-02 23:06:36

BTW the girl is actually Po!

Selja Tue 12-Feb-02 09:31:52

She did Po much better. Ds loves Po (or doh as he calls her/him/it) but La-La is his favourite.

Paula1 Tue 12-Feb-02 11:27:39

Yes, and where have the other 'favourites' gone? like Come Outside etc? Will they be on the other CBBC?

star Tue 12-Feb-02 12:28:17

Message withdrawn

Enid Tue 12-Feb-02 12:34:15

star - we agree! Come outside and Bodger and Badger are brill!

The last time the Glastonbury festival was on I actually considered going with my daughter as Bodger and Badger were playing in the kids tent!!

Enid Tue 12-Feb-02 12:34:51

errr...and she was only 6 months old at the time (sad or what).

star Tue 12-Feb-02 15:56:52

Message withdrawn

Lizzer Tue 12-Feb-02 16:00:28

Emsiewill - you put my thoughts in writing, I totally agree with the twee-ness of the presenters, and your comment about superbods made me laugh a lot!!


Enid Tue 12-Feb-02 17:31:32

Star - yes, surprised only because I am sure my mumsnet persona is a mousy stay at home mum who knits her own muesli and would never let her children watch bodger and badger in a million years.

You are altogether funkier so I am linking up with you in a PR exercise!!

star Tue 12-Feb-02 17:55:34

Message withdrawn

Bron Tue 12-Feb-02 21:37:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MalmoMum Mon 18-Feb-02 23:15:14

So, a week or so in and how are you getting on? We are cringing away nicely at this end.

I am trying not get started on Story Makers, Story Makers, Stories are Magical! Stories are Fun! (and saying no to drugs is cool! That's why everyone says no!). Where oh where is the imagination in watching a film being narrated?

Goodness, I never realised that Bodger and Badger had such a following. Or that you could see them live, at Glastonbury. I felt rather drawn to them and remember hoping that I would not wake up one morning to find I secretly fancied Bodger. Or had dreams about Badger. Or the both of them.

AllyWB Mon 18-Feb-02 23:15:22

Where is Chuckle Vision?? My 3 1/2 year old is bored to death, hope they ditch teletubbies soon.

Enid Tue 19-Feb-02 09:15:07

Bodger and Badger is great! Its utterly anarchic and Badger is very naughty and messy and there's a character called Mrs Smelly! Sadly, I think there will be no place for them on clean green CBeebies. Its all art projects and quizzes. It is so dull that we've gone back to Winnie the Pooh on video. And my 2 year old has grown out of the Teletubbies but doesn't like the Tweenies, so that doesn't leave much.

Bring back Bodger and Badger! And lovely Aunty Mabel (esp the one about poo!), and Williams Wish Wellingtons. And Hotch Potch House.

emsiewill Tue 19-Feb-02 09:16:57

My youngest dd wants to go out and buy some "shinies" - and why do they give themselves a pat on the front? Is it un-PC to give yourself a pat on the back? Or am I missing the point (or not watching closely enough). There's only the one presenter who's really awful - the one who used to be on "normal" CBBC - I'm sure he was fine on that, so why does he have to be so bl****y patronising?
However, my dds are not as unimpressed as me, so I suppose that's the important thing.
Malmomum, correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't you in Sweden? Are you really so "lucky" as to get Cbeebies over there?

emsiewill Tue 19-Feb-02 09:18:47

You've summed it up, Enid! Art projects and self-improvement for the under 5s. LOL at Aunty Mabel & poo. Did anyone else notice that Aunty Mabel never used to get clearance from Air Traffic Control?

Selja Tue 19-Feb-02 09:33:34

Have to disagree with you AllyWB they can't ditch Teletubbies. My 2 year old actually sits and watches the majority of Teletubbies (not the Teletubbies Everywhere though), he'll watch most of Bob the Builder and the songtime of the Tweenies and that's it. He's not really a sitting and watching TV person so when he watches Teletubbies it gives me time to have half a cup of coffee. Its only in this last month or so that he's started watching TV so I'm sorry if I offend anyone by encouraging it but it gives me five minutes peace. Suppose I'll get more worried if he gets obsessed by it. My friend's son is the same age (3 in November) and they're buying him a TV and video for his bedroom - he sits there for up to three hours at a time watching videos or the TV. Now that surely isn't "right"?

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