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What happens if you lose a library book?

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BethAndHerBrood Thu 29-Jun-06 21:47:00

I appear to have mislaid a library book, can't find it anywhere!

What happens when I 'fess up at the library??

cece Thu 29-Jun-06 21:47:25

They make you pay the ocast of the book

Blandmum Thu 29-Jun-06 21:47:45

they charge you the cost of the book

SoupDragon Thu 29-Jun-06 21:47:52

How long has it been missing> I'd renew it by phone and keep looking!

Failing that, you just have to pay to replace it.

MineIsBiggerThanYours Thu 29-Jun-06 21:48:12

I've heard they make you copy it by hand with gold embellished drawings

colditz Thu 29-Jun-06 21:48:58

you will be tarred, feathered, and righteously driven out of town.

WelshBoris Thu 29-Jun-06 21:49:35

hung drawn and quartered

emsiewill Thu 29-Jun-06 21:50:17

Told never to darken their doors again.

BethAndHerBrood Thu 29-Jun-06 21:51:35

Next question then - How many times can you renew it before it looks suspicous?

Lact8 Thu 29-Jun-06 21:52:37

Angry librarians come and hunt you down, they know where you live, then whisper very loudly at you!

sparkler1wantsaconservatory Thu 29-Jun-06 21:53:31

I agree with Soupdragon - just keep renewing it

BethAndHerBrood Thu 29-Jun-06 21:54:14

LOL @ all of these!!

Seems a touch extreme for a book that wasn't that good anyway!!!!

flutterbee Thu 29-Jun-06 21:55:45

Prison straight away.

yorkshirelass79 Thu 29-Jun-06 21:57:14

Message withdrawn

Beauregard Thu 29-Jun-06 21:58:30

They send a group of cardigan clad librarians to duff you up

sparkler1wantsaconservatory Thu 29-Jun-06 21:58:44

Good thing is that libraries don't charge for overdue children's books.

olivia35 Thu 29-Jun-06 22:17:45

Don't even joke about it!

Last year my local library contacted me claiming I'd taken out 4 books THREE YEARS PREVIOUSLY & demanding a) replacement cost of books & b) 3 years' worth of fines (total well over £100).

I've never even seen these books, haven't set foot in the library since 2001 & can only assume I must've lost my card & someone else has used it.

Tough, say the library - my card, I'm liable. & it's MY fault they haven't contacted me sooner because I moved house & then got married before these books were allegedly taken out, so it took them all this time to trace me...

jil Thu 29-Jun-06 22:26:01

sparkler1 - my library does charge for overdue children's books.

Aero Thu 29-Jun-06 22:37:19

Ours will renew twice over the phone before asking to see the books. After that, there's the price of the book to pay to replace it, plus the postage from them sending a card to inform you your child's books are overdue.

marthamoo Thu 29-Jun-06 22:45:27

Our local libraries will renew six times without seeing the book, and they do charge fines on children's books (is it a child's book?) though they are half adult fines. Best bet is to renew as many times as you can to give yourself more time to look for it, then 'fess up and pay for the book (when I worked in libraries we used to charge admin on top of the cost of the book, but not all authorities do that). It's also worth asking the cost of the book on their computer system and then asking if they have any objection to you buying a replacement copy of the book, as you may be able to find it cheaper - on amazon, for example.

Also - some libraries will give you a receipt when you pay for the book and, if you find it, give at least a partial refund (I lost a kid's book a few months ago and was told if I found it they would give me half the cost back).

Try under the bed, by the way - we always used to tell people who'd lost books to look there and you'd be amazed how often it would be there! Slipped down the back of open backed bookshelves is another one.

emsiewill Thu 29-Jun-06 23:30:09

When we moved we found 2 books that we had paid for under the washing machine

HopeXDespair Fri 20-Oct-17 00:34:17

lol, I know it's been like over a year, but truly, I have to say, looking under the bed is the best start if you don't want to end up like I did. I was missing a book once, for over two weeks. luckily i had two more days until it was due but I hadn't found it yet, and i didn't want to pay for it, and I searched... and read some of the comments, and there it was; the book under my bed 0.0 Sadly, I messed up a fourth of my entire house trying to find it before looking in the most obvious place.
that's all I had to say, and if you don't find it there, just look in other common=n places and suitcases.

TizzyDongue Fri 20-Oct-17 00:36:36

13 renewals

<voice of experience>

HoofWankingSpangleCunt Wed 25-Oct-17 07:53:24

Did you find the book, Op?

HoofWankingSpangleCunt Wed 25-Oct-17 07:53:43


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