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Beware - Just got "done" on Ebay...

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kaz33 Wed 18-Feb-04 15:01:13

DP was selling some old baby stuff on Ebay. We had a bidder who promised us that she had sent a cheque, it didn't arrive, she promised us that she would send another one and that she really wanted the Hippychick seat to take on holiday. DP trustingly sent it off, never had problems before, cheque never arrived.

He got back from business abroad to an email saying that the seat never arrived so she assumes we didn't send it, and now she doesn't want it because she wanted it to take it on holiday.

Obviously we have been done. Checked her feedback and she has loads of negative feedback - obviously done this too people before. She has positive feedback but its all for small items - baby clothes costing a £1 or so.

So sellers beware there is a nasty lady buying baby/toddler stuff on Ebay. Check feedback of purchasers. She lives in Manchester.

Maybe she logs on to Mumsnet ??

GenT Wed 18-Feb-04 15:04:02

did you have proof of posting?

Festivefly Wed 18-Feb-04 15:06:18

Whats her Ebay name?

kiwisbird Wed 18-Feb-04 15:08:36

report to ebay!
and ask on ebay community boards for help too.
And never send before payment again and ALWAYS check feedback whether buying or selling!
xx J

kaz33 Wed 18-Feb-04 15:13:57

No, no proof of posting and yes I agree DP should have never sent item without receiving payment. Not a huge amount of money so we are putting it down to experience...

kiwisbird Wed 18-Feb-04 15:26:43

Give us her user name and we'll all block her, also worth putting it up the Ebay boards so other sellers are aware too!
Go on pls...

Festivefly Wed 18-Feb-04 15:27:59

Who is she?????????????????

MammyShirl Wed 18-Feb-04 15:33:23

what a bitch - how low is that?

that makes me so angry! that is such bad karma - it will some back on her!

LadyCodworth Wed 18-Feb-04 15:35:58


got it in the end

oliveoil Wed 18-Feb-04 15:37:51

It's not me!

Agree on bad karma, what goes around comes around. Beeeeeatch.

handlemecarefully Wed 18-Feb-04 15:39:14

This sort of potential 'con' has always put me off using Ebay actually - but then I have trust issues!

How unpleasant for you - its horrible when someone does the dirty on you.

Twinkie Wed 18-Feb-04 15:44:31

I for one would never use it again - bought DD a little mermaid DVD - should have realised it had never been released on DVD and it is bloodyblack and white - no matter what we do we can't get any colour and DD was sooo sad.

Mind you a guy at DPs work saw his golf clubs on there after they had been stolen and went to meet the guy to buy them back off of him - he didn't even have to pay after taking the police with him!!

Are there Ebay people you can write or email to complain??

kiwisbird Wed 18-Feb-04 15:48:29

I have used it for ages buying and selling and have never been "done" ... yet...

nerdgirl Wed 18-Feb-04 15:55:50

Twinkie, The Little Mermaid was released on DVD in 1999 but only on region 1 as far as I know. Do you know anyone with a multi-region player?

astonmartin Wed 18-Feb-04 19:21:45

hi the little mermaid was release here on dvd we brought ours from disnet store

kiwisbird Wed 18-Feb-04 19:30:04

multi region is easy you can download text burn it onto DVD and upgrade your DVD player
DH did it for ours!
Or get someone to do it for you!!!

Ps does anyone know which user this witch bitch rip off con artist is?

Bekki Wed 18-Feb-04 19:54:42

We've been done as well this month. Item hasn't turned up and no reply.

miggy Wed 18-Feb-04 22:25:16

Twinkie-we had this with slightly dodgy copy of Finding Nemo from a friend. Dh managed to sort it, will go and ask magic recipe!

kaz33 Wed 18-Feb-04 22:35:55

Ok, obviously we have no proof as no recorded delivery - but her name is Kelli412.

DP has not left any feedback for her as I think he hasn't quite known what to say. Hers for him was something like "Easy to deal with - sorry this didn't have a better result for you !!"

He also didnt' call her a thief in the email to her as obviously nothing he can do about it and sent her a cryptic email - which explains the positive feedback.

Hope you ain't a mumsnetter Kelli !!

sb34 Wed 18-Feb-04 22:39:56

Message withdrawn

shari1972 Wed 18-Feb-04 23:33:37

Ref Little Mermaid DVD, My dh says your TV must be able to covert PAL to NTSc which is american standard ,new TV's do this or you need a DVD player that converts it for you

kiwisbird Wed 18-Feb-04 23:41:36

Well I've blocked her, her feedback is really rather bad I would prob cancelled a bid anyway had she bothered to bid on any of my auctions
Mail was total rubbish in December form about 12th to after xmas, I lost lots of parcels, luckily I had POP...
Ps anyone needing a dvd player let me know? what model and I cna find out of conversion via DVd is poss, happy to help converting a DVD player!

GenT Wed 18-Feb-04 23:49:01

we can play dvd's on our computer, dh downloaded a trial version of region free dvd

DH says the Pacific is a multi region player

GenT Thu 19-Feb-04 00:01:15

How do you block certain people from bidding on your auctions?

I checked her feedback and it doesn't look good.

I would give her negative feedback, wait until the 89th day.

kiwisbird Thu 19-Feb-04 00:03:36

Ummm blocking is done somewhere on seller preferences or search help for more!
Yes another bid for the 89th day!

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