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Have a children's book idea, anyone know how to put together a proposal?

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jsmummy Sat 09-Feb-02 10:06:16

I have an idea for a children's book and have no idea how to go about putting together a proposal for it. I have had some adult feature pieces writing published but don't know where to start on this one. Looking on the internet there seemed to be conflicting advice on whether you have to have an agent or not and how to submit. Can anyone help?

tusky Sat 09-Feb-02 23:00:53

what kind of book is it ? I expect you know it is very difficult to get into children's books but it is possible. I'm a children's illustrator and I took a vague idea to a publisher and it got published,but I think it was more luck than anything. Have you got a copy of the Writers and Artists Yearbook ?

jsmummy Sun 10-Feb-02 09:50:36

Thanks Tusky, how did you put your idea to the publisher? Did you go direct, or did you have an agent? Yes, have W&AYB, will have a look through.

I read 2 stories to my son every night and think that a lot of children's books are terrible: unimaginative and unoriginal. A recent library book was also grammatically incorrect, which irritated me no end. I altered it in the reading, but...

tusky Sun 10-Feb-02 17:26:51

I went directly to a publisher- in fact I went to 1 (Anderson Press) first of all and they told me to come back when I'd developed my idea more (it was loosly based around an illustration I'd done for a magazine and I'd thought up a story but it was very sketchy)- so most publishers will probably need quite a definite idea set out- I had no ending !! the second publisher was ABC (now out of business !!)they loved the idea and I worked closely with the designer and editor to get it into shape- so really I think the initial idea has to be different enough to grab their attention,but you must be flexible too to accept their ideas and changes. Mine was published as a co-edition with an American publisher and I was v pleased with the final book- however,I don't think it was marketed/promoted very well.So,it wasn't a huge success but helped me get more work!
You didn't say whether it's a picture book - what age group do you think ?

mollipops Mon 11-Feb-02 08:08:26

Hi Tusky
As an illustrator, do you usually get approached to illustrate an existing story or article, or do you sometimes write it as well as illustrate?
I too have a children's story, a picture book with simple rhyming text aimed at toddlers/preschoolers. But I can't draw!!! So while i have the words, there are no pictures to make it come to life! How do I approach this - can I go direct with just my story or should I try to find an illustrator and make up a story board or sample page? Can publishers find illustrators on my behalf? Excuse my complete ignorance here but I was excited to find a real live illustrator here!!! )

tusky Mon 11-Feb-02 11:17:37

hello Mollipops - I usually get asked to illustrate other people's stuff - mostly poetry recently - I find it very hard to write and illustrate probably because I find it very hard to decide whether my ideas are any good- I'm much more confident when faced with other people's text ! You could ask an illustrator or someone who can draw to bring your text to life which might make it easier to 'sell' to a publisher,though they will often have their own ideas about who should illustrate it. You could try asking at an art school actually, a student might welcome the chance to illustrate a real project.Or try illustrators Agents,or the Association of Illustrators (sorry,can't find phone no,but check out the Writer's and Artist's yearbook (A & C Black) - it's very helpful.

KKeleher Fri 15-May-15 14:32:12

I have written a few children's short stories. I would like them illustrated. They are all variations on a theme!
I have no idea what to do now!

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