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Employment Law Question - any legal egals out there?

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spikeycat Tue 17-Feb-04 12:56:15

Hello all. If you don't know already I am taking a company to tribunal for sexual discrimination due to pregnancy, they offered me a job then withdrew the offer when I told them I was pregnant, then put that in writing (fools!)

However, there is another thread on this so I won't go in to it.

I have got a date for the tribunal and I need some employment law advice with regards to compensation.

I have calculated my loss of earnings for a year which is what I am going to ask for, however, I am unsure how to quantify the "hurt feelings" aspect of the compensation - has anyone any ideas as I don't want to annoy the tribunal by plucking a figure out of the air (unless that is what you are supposed to do!

Any advice would be well appreciated

JanHR Tue 17-Feb-04 13:13:57

DP is a legal person and has dealt with this sort of thing before. His advice is if you need to write the comp figure for "hurt feelings" down is just put "to be assessed". THe tribunal will normally award a relatively modest aount in this regard unless there is proof of physcological damage.
Hope this helps

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