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Good Things About Life Today

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Batters Wed 06-Feb-02 19:42:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Rhiannon Wed 06-Feb-02 20:25:24

I'm trying to think of things without sounding too materialistic! Will have to come back to you. R

jsmummy Wed 06-Feb-02 20:28:32

I love the fact that feeding the ducks is free and fun, except when I'm being wuss mum and running away from the swans! ("Mum, do you know any other mummies who are scared of swans and ducks?"

I love the fact that the sun came out today and when driving to the ducks I had the sea on one side, a lake on the other, Tom Jones in my tape recorder and ds singing "mama told me not to go" at top voice. Felt like the open road and an American movie beckoned!

I love my dp who came home with pizza, read ds a story, put him to bed and brought me a glass of wine.

and I love mumsnet too - just looked around some other sites, mostly American and they weren't a patch on this!

Thanks for starting a Reasons To Be Cheerful thread. We all need to remember it sometimes.

Rhiannon Wed 06-Feb-02 21:20:41

I'm going on holiday on Sunday and I can't wait!! Sun, sea, sand and shopping yee hah!!

Oh and on the less materialistic front my DH,DS and DD are sooooo lovely too. DS read in assembly today, word perfect, fluent and with emotion. Aah. DD has spent the last hour b4 bed dressed as a fairy (with a dirty face).

I bought DD some navy ski salopettes for the park, she asked "are they for when I'm a boy?" R(she's 3)

janh Wed 06-Feb-02 21:23:17

A good thing about Today is that it was STILL LIGHT AT 5PM!!!
(Soon be Spring!)

MotherofOne Wed 06-Feb-02 21:53:28

My darling offspring is definitely up there ... had first ever trip to the Dentist today and was a positive ANGEL (phew!). Even sat on my lap and read a book while I had my teeth checked over.
I had told him the dentist might put a little 'tool' in his mouth to see things better, and he said, "I've got a tool" and then insisted on taking his plastic pliers all the way to the surgery!
Afterwards he proudly got his sticker, and as we went out the door turned round and shouted, "bye, bye, dentist, see you soon!" I almost cried (with laughter and pride!)

candy Wed 06-Feb-02 21:54:38

Nice thread. A good thing about today is IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! And dh sent flowers to work, which seriously impressed all the Year 11 boys (Miss has got a secret admirer!!); my dds were especially huggy all evening and it's only 2 days to half term - hurray!!!

janh Wed 06-Feb-02 22:03:39

Many Happy Returns, Candy!

Bugsy Thu 07-Feb-02 11:03:10

OK, having whinged comprehensively about the state of life today on another thread here are some of the good things in my life:
ds & dh
baby wiggling in my tummy
my health
my job
my house
On a lighter note, the lemon cheesecake from Pret A Manger is almost orgasmic. Holby City & Casulty - Max & Alex in one week is almost too much pleasure for one woman! The internet & particularly Mumsnet!!

MotherofOne Thu 07-Feb-02 11:28:51

oh Bugsy - Your list has made me realise mine should be exactly the same, except delete the job...(real pain at the mo...)
AND you've reminded me that I have a cheesecake in the freezer at home which I'm going to defrost for tonight!!! (Yum...eating for 2 after all...incidently, when are you due?)

Sid Thu 07-Feb-02 11:45:24

It's my last day at work before my maternity leave starts - which is a whole month before the baby's due - yippee!
And, we've now got internet access at home, so I will still be able to get to Mumsnet....
The downside is that my dh is being made redundant this month, but it does mean he will be able to help with ds/dd and new baby..Better stop there in case I turn into Pollyanna (d'you remember her - always trying to be glad about every situation?) or spoil the happy atmosphere of this thread...

Bugsy Thu 07-Feb-02 12:05:59

Motherofone, about 8/9 weeks to go. Enjoy the cheesecake!!

SueDonim Thu 07-Feb-02 12:36:21

It's a day with beautiful sunshine and the snowdrops are out.

amymum Thu 07-Feb-02 12:46:26

Whereabouts are you SueDonium? I'm in Bedford and the weather is lousy today! On a brighter note - dh is starting to walk. Took first tentative steps yesterday and showing signs of wanting to do more. She's one in two weeks and is looking so grown-up!

Azzie Thu 07-Feb-02 13:03:20

Reasons to be cheerful:

Ds and dd sitting cuddled up on the sofa together watching Thomas like little cherubs while I showed prospective buyers round our house last night.

Ultra spick and span house for once (thanks to trying to sell it and domestic efforts of wonderful dh while I was away on a business trip).

New haircut (makes me look years younger, I'm told - can't be bad!).

Ds very very excited at the prospect of a day out on his own with mummy next week.

Job going well - first time I've had a job where the boss treats me like a complete equal!

My mother telling me that I'm doing a really good job with my kids (first time I ever remember direct praise from her ...).

Dh nearly 35 and still not running to fat.

sis Thu 07-Feb-02 13:35:18

Great things about life today:

the real joy of DS and DH(well, most of the time for DH!)

access to great advice and the occassional heated discussion (just to liven things up) on mumsnet

internet shopping and research on the whole

local restaurants and take-aways now deliver the meals to our door

miserable weather but the crocuses are sprouting through to remind us that spring is on its way

berries Thu 07-Feb-02 13:45:54

Its light at 5 o clock
My dd loves my frown lines 'coz they're flowers on your face'
My dh is taking said dd + sister to mums for weekend, leaving me ALL ON MY OWN!!!

SueDonim Thu 07-Feb-02 14:27:59

Amymum, I'm in North East Scotland and it's still sunny!

Rosy Thu 07-Feb-02 14:53:48

The paper bank (for recycling)that has just appeared round the corner from our flat has really improved our quality of life, sad gits that we are! You can literally nip out to get some milk from the Asian grocers next door while the tea is brewing in your mug. (And they give dd a lollipop when we're in there on a weekend). Now all we need is a bottle bank and Sainsburys delivery and life will be perfect!

sobernow Thu 07-Feb-02 15:35:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

emsiewill Thu 07-Feb-02 16:49:17

Good things in my life...

DH constantly telling me I'm the sexiest woman he knows (and I, too am at least 2 stone overweight)

Got my exam result today - (boring work-related dull, dull, dull) and I passed!

Going away this weekend, without Dh and dds. Staying with my dad & stepmum who will spoil me rotten.

Dds currently watching "Bodger & Badger" (who actually belong on the "what's wrong with the world nowadays" thread) and letting me catch up on mumsnet.

Mumsnet - no more to be said!

And last but certainly not least the anticipation of the Pop Idol final this weekend. WILL *WILL* WIN! (And I'll be watching it in a child-free house, with access to yummy food and plenty of wine)

Janus Thu 07-Feb-02 17:05:32

Good things that happen:

Took my daughter to the local activity class and she sang (sort of!) head, shoulders, knees and toes out loud and made everyone laugh! (she's 18 months!)

Spending rather too much money on an easel for her (for no reason either, ie not birthday) but seeing her scribbling all over it, the bits she can reach!!

Sex and the City double bill - love it!!

ER back on again, er ... too much reference to telly??!

Getting really excited about seeing a snowdrop come out that I'd forgotten I'd planted in the window box!

Having a partner that rang me today to say that he was cooking tea and that I should open up a bottle of wine as soon as I felt the need!

Looking at houses to buy and realising that I love our current flat anyway so no need to rush into anything.

Going to see my Mum next week who insists that I go back to bed for 2 hours in the morning and she looks after my daughter - yipeeeeeeeeee!

I feel so much better!

Marina Thu 07-Feb-02 20:04:14

The Philip Pullman "His Dark Materials" Trilogy

My best pal from post-natal group coming back from Germany for a visit and bringing her new baby

Living not too far from a big Waitrose

Jo Malone lime and basil bath oil

DS singing "Five little toddlers in a flying saucer" tunefully at the top of his voice

DH and I still have happy, loving relationship 15 years after first meeting

MUMSNET I've made some new "real" friends on here and lots of virtual ones too

Stompy Thu 07-Feb-02 20:30:36

My 9 month old has recently learned how to say "mum"!
So it's lovely to hear her say "mum mum mum mum" instead of "da da da da da da" all the time

Ailsa Thu 07-Feb-02 21:50:50

Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream!!

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