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marz Mon 16-Feb-04 08:35:33

I am in North London (Camden/Islington)and looking for an independant mortgage broker who will come to my home to give advice....anyone able to recommend anyone please?

twiglett Mon 16-Feb-04 08:54:36

message withdrawn

twiglett Mon 16-Feb-04 09:17:17

message withdrawn

fio2 Mon 16-Feb-04 11:08:21

we have used mortgage matters. I will just google and see if they have a site

fio2 Mon 16-Feb-04 11:16:03

no I cant find a site but their telephone number is

0161 926 8866

This office is in Cheshire but they have people all over the country (we are in staffs but moving to kent - where they also have advisors) We have got an excellent deal through them

Galaxy Mon 16-Feb-04 11:19:36

message withdrawn

Hulababy Mon 16-Feb-04 11:25:17

Sorry you had a bad experience with IFA Galaxy. Always makes me cross when people don't do their job right as they give the whole profession a bad name,

Luckily we have 2 very good ones who are fantastic and really sort us out with all we need. A good IFA is a brilliant asset to have IME! Dh deals with IFAs on a daily basis and fortuantely knows which are the good and not so good ones so we are in a very good poisition. Unfortunately Marz, we are not in London.

But I would ask for recommendations from friends and family nearby Marz.

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