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Am I the only one who's been locked out of Mumsnet all day?

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twiglett Sun 15-Feb-04 20:56:43

message withdrawn

Lisa78 Sun 15-Feb-04 20:57:46

Get thyself into the bar twiglett, will have a big drink waiting for you, you poor thing

Epigirl Sun 15-Feb-04 21:31:29

I was out all afternoon too...thought it was just me

tigermoth Mon 16-Feb-04 09:00:32

same here - I got onto the site in the mormning, up to 12.00 am approx, but when I tried at 7.00 and 11.00 pm, no luck. I've been locked out several times over the last few weeks. I think beetroot started a thread on this subject as well. I have great faith in mumsnet's wonderful tech and I am sure he'll work things out, as usual

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