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ticketed sales at NCT nearly new sale. Anyone?

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NaturalBaby Mon 30-Dec-13 23:36:23

I haven't had much success with table top sales and have sold most of my baby stuff through nct sales! Not many clothes sold, but there are a couple of shops locally that have a preloved section so I've sold clothes there and given a couple of bagfuls to charity.

trolleycoin Thu 12-Sep-13 23:37:05

Thanks for the feedback. I think I will give it a go. There was a table top sale on at the local church on the same date, so I was trying to work out which one would be better to go to.

PandaG said it all smile

takeaway2 Thu 12-Sep-13 18:43:10

I have organised them a few times and it is alot of hard work. As an organiser it only works if you have support - alot of it. Earns the branch alot though.

As a seller I think it works too because it is like a dept store and people swamp the areas they want. Like 12-18boys or furniture/buggies/shoes....

PandaG Thu 12-Sep-13 18:36:43

yes, I have helped at this kind of event many times. I think it is easier for the buyers as all of the say 12 - 18 month clothes are in one place, so only have to look at itmes in the right size or category, and they only have to pay once at the end.

There is the organisation before the event, sending out the tickets, then on the day sorting all the stuff before the sale, then sorting it all out back into seller numbers at the end - so quite a lot of work to put on.

But, all the tickets of sold items are kept, and a % of the sale price deducted for the charity - this means that the more you sell, the more you give to the charity, and you don't feel hard done by if you have to pay a tenner for a table, and then only sell £20 of stuff.

trolleycoin Thu 12-Sep-13 14:03:11

Anyone tried this? I went to a sale earlier this year with individual seller stalls. I've received the registration form for an upcoming one, which says it is a ticketed sale, with no individual seller stalls. Everything will be labelled and organised into categories.

I just wondered if anyone had tried this and if they thought it worked better than the individual seller stall approach?


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