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Open fires.. Advice needed plz.

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DownstairsMixUp Mon 09-Sep-13 15:13:33

We always get free wood everywhere. Old pallets are often dumped outside shops like homebase or peoples houses. Sometimes we post in the buy sell groups on fb and ask if anyone needs any wood taken away so i do think wood is easy to get hold of!

Bramshott Mon 09-Sep-13 15:04:00

Go for it. I'm sure it will be cheaper to heat your house than the gas bottles (not the ebay logs though!). The wood needs to be stacked and dry. If you have a porch you can stack it there, or just cover the top of the pile with a tarp or a bit of hardboard.

You'll need kindling too (small bits to get the fire going). Easiest way to find that is to pick up twiggy bits on a walk.

Don't be scared! As long as you have a fireguard to stop sparks jumping out and singeing the carpet, you'll be fine.

If I were you I'd also look into as much draftproofing as possible - secondary glazing (the film stuff is ok), seal around windows and doors, draft excluders under doors, chimney balloons for any chimneys you're not using etc.

JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 09-Sep-13 14:59:27

If you are storing wood, it just basically needs to be dry. We tent to use a lot of free wood, things like trees, timber from buildings etc. don't forget to collect pine cones when you are out on your Wales, they are great for getting your fire going. Next summer you could look at making recycled logs too.

Why are you nervous of using the open fires though?

rainbowfeet Mon 09-Sep-13 14:45:37

Hello, I'm a townie just moved to the country, I live in an old cottage no double glazing very poor rate for economy & heating. I have central heating that is supplied via calor gas bottles, I have 2 open fires downstairs which I'm nervous about using.. (Very nervous blush)!

Anyone who has any knowledge your advice is gratefully received... I have been told I should by seasoned wood to use (locally a cubic meter is sold for approx £70) how does this need to be stored? I have looked on eBay at the 'hotties' logs that are approx £20 for 15... They are pressed recycled pulp I think, are these preferable for cost & safety??!!

Thank you in advance

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