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Male or Female driving instructer......which one should i have ????

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nutcracker Fri 13-Feb-04 20:55:02

I will soon be sending for my provisional licence and starting lesons. I was going to try to find a female instructor as i think i'd feel more comfortable, but several people have said that i would probably do better with a male instructor.
Which did you have/would you have ????

nutcracker Fri 13-Feb-04 21:43:33

So none of you drive then

twiglett Fri 13-Feb-04 21:45:32

message withdrawn

nutcracker Fri 13-Feb-04 21:46:36

Have to say, i'll be absolutly petrefied who ever it is, in fact i probably won't notice if it's a man or woman.

coppertop Fri 13-Feb-04 21:48:27

I think it depends on the personality really. Mine was male and was really nice, but if you feel more comfortable with a woman then look for a female instructor.

WideWebWitch Fri 13-Feb-04 21:49:48

I had a woman, 20 years ago and she was fantastic and very patient and kind so I'd go for a woman.

carla Fri 13-Feb-04 21:53:05


nutcracker Fri 13-Feb-04 21:53:37

Right, female it is then. Thanx you lot

stupidgirl Fri 13-Feb-04 21:58:42

Yaaaay, well done Nutty

Erm, I've had both (5 instructors altogether...). I hated all of them Well not quite. My first (male) was a perv, the second (male) shouted at me, 3rd (female) was ok, put me through the test, and when I failed told me she knew I would (...yeah, well thanks for telling me before I wasted my time and money and had my confidence completely trashed(bitter? me??)) 4th (male) only lasted one lesson, can't remember why, and 5th (male) was a complete and utter moron who I hated with a passion...but he got me through the test!

I don't think male/female is an issue, it's just about finding someone you trust and feel comfortable with.

HTH, good luck with finding someone, and stick with it, it will make such a difference to your life xxx

nutcracker Fri 13-Feb-04 22:02:23

Thanx for the 'well done', although i haven't done anything yet. I really need someone i can trust too. I want someone who will not put me in for my test until they think i'm really ready for it, as i can't afford to keep paying for it over and over. Have to say, the thought of driving makes me feel ill .

handlemecarefully Sat 14-Feb-04 12:19:26

When I had a male driving instructor I developed a crush on him, so didn't concentrate fully on improving my driving! - it was a distraction.

So go for a woman (although you might be more immune to crushes than an 18 year old - i.e. me back then!)

nutcracker Sat 14-Feb-04 12:25:31

LOL HMC - Yeah your right,i wouldn't ba able to concebtrate at all if he was good looking. Maybe i should get dp to teach me, then that wouldn't be a problem

monkeygirl Sat 14-Feb-04 12:33:50

I would agree that it depends on personality rather than what sex they are. I've only been driving for about 1.5 years (learnt at the age of 36) and passed with a male instructor who did keep shouting at me. However, I had extra lessons with someone (another male) from the AA who was an absolute dream. I learnt more from him in 5 hours than I did in 40+ hours with the first one and wish I had had all my lessons with him (I'm sure I would have saved a lot of money in lessons and have had far less shaking fits!)

So if you do not feel happy with an instructor, male or female, I would advise you not to be afraid to change asap cos it makes all the difference, not only to the skills you learn and but to your confidence levels.

Good luck.

GenT Sat 14-Feb-04 12:48:02

I will be in your position sometime this year nutty.

DH sometimes has no patience and doesn't like backseat drivers,s o I am not too keen on him. But there is a female retired friend I am comfy with. Same b/d as mine so we click well.

15 years ago I learnt to drive standard with shift and everything, but never got my licence. Now I am in this country with ultra narrow winding roads, gives me the heebie heebies just thinking about it. But because dd will need to everywhere I must get a licence this year. I would more than likely go for someone I am comfy with.

If you get an instructor, will they be teaching the parts of the vehicle before you even touch the wheel? I am clueless. IMO someone can tell you the vehicle parts before you begin that lesson.

nutcracker Sat 14-Feb-04 12:53:14

Gent - Well they would have to tell me everything as i know nothing about cars what so ever. I thought that on your first lesson they would just show you the ropes and then take you somewhere very quiet (no other cars) for you to have a go, but apparently not. My friend recently had lesons and they took her on to main road on her first go. I would be a nervous wreck. My dp has said that he would teach me, but i'm not sure i want him to. The other thing i'm worried about is the size of the car. We have a citroen zantia estate which looks enormous to someone who can't drive.

Angeliz Sat 14-Feb-04 13:15:20

i wanted a female instructer as i thought i'd feel more comfortable, but my first lesson a man came and said the woman was sick. By the end of the lesson i was glad it was him coming back as he was great! I think the first lesson is the worst but then it's really o.k
(BTW i became good freinds with my driving instructer and he came round with a pressie when i had dd, Bless)

GenT Sat 14-Feb-04 13:18:14

what do you get in a first lesson?

Angeliz Sat 14-Feb-04 13:20:35

For my first lesson, he drove to a very quiet place with two mini roundabouts and went over all the basics, gears,mirrors,........and then i drove round and round the mini roundabouts

(i had been out with my dad and dp a few times and also had driven a few times before when i was V young so i had the basics, but was still scared!)

Davros Sat 14-Feb-04 16:14:08

Not sure, maybe a woman in case of the perv/attractiveness factor. Its an interesting topic though as I've always preferred a male Dr, seems more natural when they poke around inside and a male hairdresser, more idea of what looks good on a woman!

lydialemon Sat 14-Feb-04 16:23:27

Nutty, do you know anyone who has had lessons recently? If you can get a recommendation from someone else, it might help you feel more confident. I used the same instructor as my Stepdad, as I figured anyone who could deal with him must have the patience of a saint!

I wouldn't advise lessons from DH. Its better IMO to have lessons from a professional. They have lots of experience, its their insured car that you'll be driving (no worry about prangs), and most importantly DUAL CONTROLS. Ideal when you forget how to brake at busy crossings, or when some idiot walks out in front of the car!

Have fun!

SHIREENSMOM Sun 15-Feb-04 00:46:12

im taking my lessons at the moment (not getting very far) and they are with a woman i think that its best to take them with a woman because men think that all women are crap drivers but its up to you whatever you fell comfortable with

SHIREENSMOM Sun 15-Feb-04 00:46:54

im not getting very far bacause of my nerves btw not because of my instructor

lydialemon Sun 15-Feb-04 00:58:12

You have no choice on the sex of your examiner, so I'd get comfy with everyone!

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