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transgender. my man says he's a woman now.

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TheWookiesWife Mon 02-Sep-13 17:30:24

Blimey that is such a shock for you ! Sending a big ((((hug))))
Am here if you want to chat / rant / anything !!

soniaclimes Mon 02-Sep-13 14:18:33

and i'm hurting like hell about the way he has chosen to go about it, leaving me and my children in utter shock and miserable with the loss, betrayal and confusion....i'm not coping with this at all but its not up for discussion, my feelings are completely unreasonable and prove apparently, what an evil witch I am.. how did such love and happiness turn into this hateful, angry nightmare? I am looking for someone who can discuss this openly and honestly with me... without fear of attack or abuse please.

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