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Hair dye

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Thomcat Thu 12-Feb-04 17:02:00

I have about 3 or 4 very white hairs. Plucked the first few out but realise now since they have grown back thicker this was unwise. So thought I'd just buy a home kit - any tips, and recomomendations on type.

(I have very dark brown hair)

lou33 Thu 12-Feb-04 17:11:39

I've been dying mine since I was about 13 TC! I would buy one as close to your natural colour as you can, as it is a great colour anyway. Three or four hairs... is that all?!! Get a semi permanent one first of all, in case you aren't too keen. It should last about 8 washes that way.

Thomcat Thu 12-Feb-04 17:12:56

Yeah but which brand?
There are only 3 or 4 now, I plucked the rest out!

spacemonkey Thu 12-Feb-04 17:12:58

movida is a good semi-permanent one, leaves your hair nice and shiny

spacemonkey Thu 12-Feb-04 17:19:24

make sure you pick one that explicitly says it covers grey - not all of them do!

Thomcat Thu 12-Feb-04 17:20:20

Thanks spacemonkey, I just wouldn't know where to start without a recommendation. Will make a note of that one and start there

monkeygirl Thu 12-Feb-04 17:26:01

Sounds like we have similar coloured hair. I've been dyeing my increasingly greying hair for 7 years now and mostly use Casting by l'Oreal (semi-permanent). They do a good dark one (I think it's called Jamaica) which also leaves your hair nice and shiny, but Movida is also very good. And they last a lot longer if you don't wash your hair too often

SoupDragon Thu 12-Feb-04 19:14:01

I like Cocoa by Garnier Nutrisse. It's a very dark brown, almost black for a week or so until it fades to my natural dark brown colour minus the silver highlights! It's permanent though...

motherinferior Thu 12-Feb-04 19:23:10

I use the Daniel Field organic and mineral stuff, but it does wash out. I get a bit paranoid about hair dye tbh...

magnum Thu 12-Feb-04 19:33:54

I've just used the new colour expertise by lab garnier where you colour all over and then do personalised highlights. The highlights compliment the all over shade perfectly so look really natural and are really easy to apply. You use a brush a bit like a mascara brush. I got a really professional look (I used chocolate macaroon with golden highlights, my hair is very dark brown too) everyone thought I had gone to an expensive salon!

tamum Thu 12-Feb-04 20:03:23

Motherinferior, does the Daniel Field stuff cover grey (do you happen to know)? I have bought some but not dared to use it yet in case it makes my grey hairs (which are *far* more numerous than TC's) go orange or something!

lavender1 Thu 12-Feb-04 20:15:38

have used lots but best I found for end colour is L'Oreal Excellence creme "Because I'm worth it" one, dark brown have used and it didn't go really dark but kind of went browny and you get a conditioner to use for a few weeks afterwards (depending on length of your hair)....I also plucked out hair(grey) but when it grew back it stuck up like a cockatoo..and had to keep plucking it....Toners and shaders by wella are good if only 3/4 thing I would say from my own experience, it's advisable to use the same product each time and keep just covering the roots and combing it through, otherwise it'll dry your hair out..(colour after colour does your hair no good...makes it brittle)...have fun

motherinferior Thu 12-Feb-04 20:28:22

I've got red hair, and very few red hair dyes do cover grey. Gives me sort of bronze highlights instead. Lots of them

spacemonkey Thu 12-Feb-04 20:29:41

LOL i did mine tonight (with excellence dark brown as it happens), was just about to wash it out when the phone rang, was on phone for half an hour ... now my hair is like straw!!

Luckymum Thu 12-Feb-04 20:53:37

Gawd...if I started plucking my grey I'd be bald. I use L'Oreal Excellence too (but a blonde one). It is permanebt though and personally would try a semi permanent first.

fimbles Thu 12-Feb-04 23:32:26

I would personally recommend the swarztkof range (spelling?) after trying nearly all of them. The clairol nice and easy natural dark brown colour (permanent) seemed to wash out in under a week. I've got stacks of grey hair and hate it. My hair grows v quickly and I have to dye it every 3 weeks.

I didn't want to bring this up but I was going to post a thread about this topic in the near future re the dangers of hair dye (if true). Dh read an article in newspaper. There are so many chemicals in the dye which go directly into the blood stream blah, blah, blah. It was publised at the same time the anti persparent scare came about. You just don't know what to believe any more. I've tried henna and it makes the grey go orange. Does anyone have any info on this or is it just another scare? sorry thomcat

fairydust Thu 12-Feb-04 23:47:18

Thomcat -at the age of 24 i have more than a few grey hairs in my dark brown hair.

I use Nice n Easy - Dark Brown - find it very natural looking and only have to do it every three months.

I belive superdrug have an offer on Nice n Easy at the mo

katiebc11 Thu 20-Apr-17 11:41:21

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