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Cod or anyone..Where can i find those kids clocks that are colour coded for sleep/wake/up/read a book times etc?

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EvesMama Wed 14-Jun-06 13:06:03

thars it really, i was discussing them with cod recently and decided to get one but done know what theyre called or where to get one?

tassis Wed 14-Jun-06 13:06:41

oooh, I was going to chat to Cod about these too.

think we want one...

spacecadet Wed 14-Jun-06 13:07:40

im sure places like the great little trading company and bloming marvellous do them..i know you can get one which is a rabbit, which you set so that the child musnt get up until the rabbit opens his eyes.

EvesMama Wed 14-Jun-06 13:10:08

yeah ive debated over that one too..but this one has red amber and green or something along those lines and you mark times with each colour indicating what time they can get up, or if they have to go back to sleep, play in their room etc..

either would be good, but with dd i think this one might work better.prob wrong!

tassis Wed 14-Jun-06 13:10:36

thanks sc, but don't want the rabbit, want cod's wall colour coded wall clock...

EvesMama Wed 14-Jun-06 13:14:07

the rabbit

EvesMama Wed 14-Jun-06 13:19:04

arghh,cant find it tried blooming marvellous and gltc??

EvesMama Wed 14-Jun-06 13:29:03

what is it called????
can find descriptions of them but when i google what they cll them nothing comes up?

foxinsocks Wed 14-Jun-06 13:29:04


EvesMama Wed 14-Jun-06 13:31:04


spacecadet Wed 14-Jun-06 13:32:40

think ill get one myself

EvesMama Wed 14-Jun-06 13:38:04

what for you??or kids??
hows the house?

spacecadet Wed 14-Jun-06 13:43:44

ds2 hes only 5 and as soon as he sees sunlight he wants to get up..groan.
the house is coming on fine, im making it my home now.
hows your impending house move?

hockeymum Wed 14-Jun-06 14:46:27

I've just made one of the ones like Cod suggested. I bought a £1.25 clock from Ikea and coloured in segments for getting up etc. Wrote Issy's clock on it and put fairies on it. Looks fab, she loves it. Works a treat (I can't get up yet can I mummy as the hand isn't in the pink yet?" and a bargain at £1.25

EvesMama Wed 14-Jun-06 15:09:49

its a nightmare..nothing going right at minute,still havent got completion date

hockeymum, what a fab idea..but we're no where near ikea..anyone going?????i can pay before..will start thread later maybe, cos £20 worth of petrol for £1 clock doesnt add up does it

spacecadet Wed 14-Jun-06 16:10:07


EvesMama Wed 14-Jun-06 16:11:07

glad you are making yours into your home now though..thats nice

tassis Wed 14-Jun-06 19:43:57

thanks for finding it foxinsocks

haven't ordered yet as keep thinking I should make one, but don't get round to it!

popsycal Wed 14-Jun-06 19:46:34

today i have just bougth ds1 a magic lamp and connected it to a timer
he is only allowed to get up when it is on and if he stays in bed til then, the genie of the lamp will leave him a surprise....
set it to the time the child wqkes for 2 days then every two dsys after that, put it back 15 mins

i am sick of waking up before 5am having been up and down all night with ds2

tassis Wed 14-Jun-06 20:03:09

sounds like a good plan popsy. let us know how you get on...

EvesMama Wed 14-Jun-06 20:07:16

im all for hockeymums idea

FlameBoo Sun 18-Jun-06 21:39:35

Ooh, I was coming on to find the link for this - but I really like the idea of making our own one.

She'd love one with pinks and purples and fairies

Off to Wilkinsons or somewhere to find a nice big plain clock.

Anyone able suggest one other than ikea (no ikea near here)

VickyA Tue 20-Jun-06 11:17:20

I got one of these for my ds - Kidsleep - the bottom half of the display acts as a nightlight, showing bunny asleep in bed, the top half lights up when you've set it too (later on the weekend!) showing bunny awake. It also acts as an alarm clock for bigger kids. DS got the hang of it really quickly, and now hurtles through at 7:25 on the dot shouting "Bunny's woken up!"

SoupDragon Tue 20-Jun-06 11:19:16

<<SDs ears perk up at the thought of a trip to Ikea to buy stuff>>

nappyaddict Tue 19-Aug-08 10:25:29

ah that link doesn't work now. anyone else know where you can get them from?

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