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easy Tue 10-Feb-04 16:49:06

Hey, we're just getting plugged by Miles on the Steve Wright show

coppertop Tue 10-Feb-04 16:52:49

What did he say? I missed it!

Hulababy Tue 10-Feb-04 16:54:11

Cool. I missed that - got out of car at 4:30pm. What was it about. Was it website of the day?

easy Tue 10-Feb-04 16:56:18

Yep, website of the day, HEY .

look on steve wrights page on the radio2 website to see what they say

Hulababy Tue 10-Feb-04 16:58:16

Just checked website but it says there that it was Net Mums, not mumsnet Maybe we should write and say how much better ours is!

lilibet Tue 10-Feb-04 16:58:40

its not us - its netmums

boo hoo

lilibet Tue 10-Feb-04 16:59:32

but do we want loads of other mums - I don't like recommending this - I don't wnat people here who know me!

easy Tue 10-Feb-04 17:09:33

Oh b*gger

sorry everyone, I was so busy posting something serious I was only half listening.

How will I ever live this down

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