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gingerbread recipe...

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bea Tue 10-Feb-04 15:50:35

since getting a lovely new kitchen... i've been wanting to be all domestic goddess like and do some cooking with dd...and since i am 38 weeks preggers... i think my time is running out! so.... she'd love to make a gingerbread man (or is that me!!!?) so has anyone got a good recipe for a foolproof crunchy gingerbread man!!!! i like the crunchy sort!

(i'm sure there is a dirty joke in here about hard and soft varieties... but i won't go there!!... ooops! )

Bron Tue 10-Feb-04 15:58:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

suzywong Tue 10-Feb-04 16:20:06

I second Bron's recipe, it's a winner and gets you soooooo many brownie points

JanHR Tue 10-Feb-04 16:49:35

There was a thread on this subject a couple of months ago. I posted a receip for some soft gingerbread cookies on there.

bea Tue 10-Feb-04 18:34:36

thank you mumsnetters!!!

what domestic goddesses you are!!!!

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