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"They've got the cleanest kitchen in town..."

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Enid Tue 10-Feb-04 13:57:03

I hope they get paid a lot.

twiglett Tue 10-Feb-04 13:57:31

message withdrawn

Coddy Tue 10-Feb-04 13:57:55


Enid Tue 10-Feb-04 14:04:17

sorry, a big cook, little cook reference

Twinkie Tue 10-Feb-04 14:05:58

I have the cleanest kitchen in town as I have just bleached the floor - feel a bit sick from the fumes though - added a bit of Pine Fresh Flash and think I have poisoned myself!!

Twinkie Tue 10-Feb-04 14:06:36

Ha ha - always think big cock little cock too when they come on!! - am I sick???

Enid Tue 10-Feb-04 14:06:59

Vinegar is always a fun thing to add to bleach as I discovered once.

GeorginaA Tue 10-Feb-04 14:12:13

Twinkie - you cow I'm never going to be able to hear the theme tune again without singing "big cock little cock" now!!!

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