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squirmyworm Tue 10-Feb-04 10:14:53

anyone done baby modelling and used BizzyKidz? Any idea what they are like?

Galaxy Tue 10-Feb-04 10:18:14

message withdrawn

squirmyworm Tue 10-Feb-04 10:29:29

nope none at all.....Have read the threads on modelling and been a bit put off by some of the comments - particularly about little acorns and models direct. But did loads of research on it myself and THINK I have come up with a short list of reputable agencies in London. Just wanted to see if anyone had actually worked with this one.

Here's where I am coming from...
1) all babies are cute
2) everyone thinks their baby is extra cute
3) I am so embarrassed even to admit we're considering this because I can imagine people thinking I'm some kind of weird pushy mum who is going to dress ds up in lederhosen and lipstick and expect him to tapdance by the time he is 3
4) I'm off back to work in april and since we live near London where most of the work is and since dh (now work at home dad) is prepared to give it a shot, we thought we'd chuck ds's photo around a few agencies to see if anyone was interested. Really not bothered if nothing comes out of it but if it does it might be something fun to do and a way of putting a few quid aside. If we do get work and ds looks at all like he's not having fun we'll bin the idea straight away.

Galaxy Tue 10-Feb-04 10:41:37

message withdrawn

squirmyworm Tue 10-Feb-04 10:43:01

will do - happy to send you my notes on which companies seem to be the reputable ones too if you like....

Galaxy Tue 10-Feb-04 10:44:30

message withdrawn

Galaxy Fri 13-Feb-04 22:07:17

message withdrawn

misdee Fri 13-Feb-04 22:52:00

i think thats the agency is registered with. think my sister paid a fee for 'website design' but that set alarm bells ringing in my head. i thought about putting my dd2 forward for modelling, i'd like to post a pic up of her somewhere and get all of your's opinions on whether or not she would get any work, but i dont know where to put one.

misdee Fri 13-Feb-04 23:11:17

will this work photos the one with a wallaby on the front.

Bellsaz Thu 18-Mar-04 20:04:51

Hello everyone. Misdee - did your sister's daughter get any work through bizzykidz? We're considering our daughter but are also curious about the web design payment. It would be nice to hear from anyone who has children regsietered and their experiences with the whole thing. Thanks.

Darcey11 Wed 07-Apr-04 15:57:53

My little girl has just been aceppted - but i`m also not sure about these webfees - Can anyone help?

Galaxy Wed 07-Apr-04 21:34:21

message withdrawn

mummylaura Mon 16-Aug-04 14:34:03

I have my son registerred with Bizzykidz and he has had loads of TV work and some photographic. They are the only agency I could find that doesnt charge a yearly fee and they are really friendly whenever I speak to them. I paid £80 to get him up and running, but that is the only thing I need to pay now until he is 17, so I am more than happy with that. My son and another little boy that is with them is going to be featured in a channel 4 documentary, which is following a model and features the agency too, so that shows how good they must be. A casting director recommended them as the best agency for TV work and said they are really good, so that is why I applied to join them in the first place.

KELLYBELLIE Mon 17-Jan-05 00:58:37

Hi mummylaura. I read your posting last year after being accepted by 3 agencies for my little mimi and then made my mind up to go with bizzykidz. Just wanted to say thanks for the advice cos tehy are good! Thanks - kelly

rachel022 Fri 17-Aug-07 17:55:01

my 2 sons have been accepted but they want £120 if i pay this are they likely to get work? or am i bein taken for a fool. as my dad told me if an agency want u enough u shouldnt have to pay a penny.

nicolei Thu 06-Sep-07 11:48:20

Hi Rachel022,
My 3yo daughter has been registered with them for almost a year now and we did not get any calls for any castings or anything else.... since it is a one-off fee I will just keep her profile updated - but not much hope. We are looking at other agencies and have been discussing directly with some of the clients as well....

citylover Thu 06-Sep-07 22:50:56

My DS2 now 6 has been registered with Bizzykidz since he was two or three. He has taken part in one photo shoot and been to various castings.

Sometimes he has been asked to go to castings and I haven't been able to take him as it has been too short notice. So he hasn't gone.

I think they are quite legit to be honest. I don't take it all very seriously though so maybe I am not the best person to ask.

By that I mean I am not a particularly pushy parent. If someone wants to see him and he can attend then well good but if not then fine too. He also is not too aware of it all!

He is not registered with any other agencies.

Sophos Mon 17-Sep-07 16:35:52

My daughter has been provissionally accepted by Bizzykidz but they want £120 before signing her up. Can anybody advise?

Tinkerbel5 Tue 18-Sep-07 09:25:19

BK is like marmite you either like them or hate them, they work for some but not for others, you would be better to apply to the low fee agencies first before you decide, try Bruce & Brown, Kids London, Urban Angel, MOT, they all have websites.

honeyapple Mon 06-Oct-08 14:12:51

hi sophos what did you decide? I am also a bit shock at the 120 quid- i submitted photos of my dd1 and ds2 and both have been 'provisionally accepted'- so that would be £240 which is a bit eye watering at the moment!

goingfor3 Mon 06-Oct-08 14:16:50

Honeyapple, go on to the october modelling thread for advice about agencies. Have you tried any where else as there are some other agencies with very low start up costs.

CarlyLouG Wed 20-Oct-10 12:27:28

I'm completely new to mumsnet but I'm hoping somebody on here can help me!
My son has just been accepted by both Bizzykidz & Elisabeth Smith modelling agencies.
Does anyone have any experience of either of these? I just don't know where to start on how to choose!
I know both are reputable agencies as they are on the Alba list but I'd really like to know if anyone's child is with any of them and how much work they get?
I'd be grateful for any advice or thoughts!
Many thanks.

holidayfreak Wed 10-Nov-10 09:34:34

my 10 year old child has been on elisabeth smith books for 8 months now.she has had one modelling job and that is it.she hasnt been sent to one casting.she has now been accepted at bizzykids and has been with them a few weeks.Both seem reputable agennies but i dont think es has a lot of work coming in

Firawla Wed 10-Nov-10 19:30:50

out of the 2 i would go with bk, have heard a lot of comments about es lately that they are not getting that much work and they are quite expensive start up fee, charge extra for the photos etc
i have one dc with bk, only joined v recently so no work yet but to me they seem good. although you will find people with positive and negative things to say about all the agencies, came across one lady who was bad mouthing them due to they expected her to keep her dc height information up to date - well obviously! so as you see sometimes people will just badmouth for no reason?
also go on netmums there is a thread with a lot of helpful mums on doing modelling
have you applied anywhere else or just those 2?

holidayfreak Thu 11-Nov-10 10:54:53

thanks daughter was also acccepted at junior model management but we had just paid the fees for old is your child.a few weeks after she started es she got a great modelling job and has a big photo on a page in a magazine.we were thrilled and hoped this was the start of many jobs.but we heard nothing else and wasnt offered one other casting even though the clients were thrilled with the result of the photo.would be intrested to know if anyone else on the es agancy of around my daughters age if having the same problem because i really dont think they have much work to offer.hoping for better things with bk although i have heard good and bad.keep me informed if your child gets any work

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