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IF you were to employ a cleaner.....

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helsi Fri 09-Jun-06 19:47:31

would you want to pay an hourly fee or set fee for the size of house? If so what is the size of your house and how much would you think a reasonable rate? And how long would you expect them to take to clean your particlar size of house.

would you want the cleaner to provide their own cleaning products and vacuum or would you want to pay a bit less and let them use yours?

How often would you want the cleaner? Once a week or once every 2 weeks for example?

How much detail would you expect them to clean? skirting boards? tops of doors? pulling furniture out to brush/vacuum etc?

all your thoughts would be appreciated.

CountessDracula Fri 09-Jun-06 19:48:17

do you wnat the opinions of people who do already?

clairemow Fri 09-Jun-06 19:53:05

Used to have a cleaner, we paid by the hour, but she always did 4 hours, once a week, so it was a weekly amount. This was Ealing, and we paid £30 each week. I supplied the products, although she was quite particular, and used to leave the bottles out when they were empty to be replaced for the next week. Unless I was employing a professional cleaning company I wouldn't expect them to bring their own vaccuum - far too big - my cleaner used to come on a moped!

I would see a few people - get recommendations from friends - and ask them how long they think it shoudl take to do the tasks you want done. Be sure about what you want the cleaner to do - ours would have done whatever we asked, but factored that into the time she'd have said. It's totally up to you whether you want them to clean skirting boards, tops of doors etc.

helsi Fri 09-Jun-06 19:53:31

either those who do or anyone who wants to give an opinion even if they don't.

psychomum5 Fri 09-Jun-06 19:55:47

I have just this week had a cleaner for the first time ever, altho only because I am unable to do anything due to being squished in car accident. and because, with the best will in the world, DH CANNOT do the same job as me

For me, it was just to have that 'womans touch' about the place again.

I can afford only £25, so asked for her to do as much as she can for that money. she gave me 3.5 hrs, and scrubbed my bathroom, downstairs cloakroom and the floors throughout. hoovered where needed, dusted and polished throughout too. and tackled as much of the kitchen as time allowed. also emptied all bins and put out all my washing and put more on and out too. I think I got fab value for money and my house smelled gorgeous too

she is only coming once a week, but if i could afford more I feel i could become very lazy and let her

helsi Fri 09-Jun-06 19:57:10

psychomum5 - did she provide her own materials?

psychomum5 Fri 09-Jun-06 20:00:06

ooh, and she bought some stuff, and used some of my stuff too. she also used my dyson, hated it, an also managed to do something to it to make in stop sucking. DH fixed it again, but next week i think she'll be bringing her own

psychomum5 Fri 09-Jun-06 20:01:33

she provided whatever it was that made the house gleam and smell gorgeous

CountessDracula Fri 09-Jun-06 20:02:20

I don't mind providing all the stuff

Pay by the hour (£7 per hour)

Twice a week for 8 hours total

I tell her to do whatever needs doing but I don't expect her to move heavy furniture. Skirting boards yes if dirty. Tops of doors - errr- do they need cleaning?

Blandmum Fri 09-Jun-06 20:04:34

I pay by the hour, 7.25. I have 3 hours twice a week. I buy all the stuff, and she uses my vacuum.

She is wonderful. And when she has done the hous, and she even polised my kettle!, she does any ironing!

psychomum5 Fri 09-Jun-06 20:06:34

Mine made me feel ashamed about the top of my teak cabinet in the lounge as it was so dusty.

to be fair tho, i normally only clean on top of that once a year when I am spring cleaning, and due to the crappy few months I have been having, spring has sprung but my cleaning hasn't

That was the reason for employing her I thought!!!

WideWebWitch Fri 09-Jun-06 20:07:49

I pay by the hour, £8 per hour, for 2 hours x 3 times a week. 3 bed house, we're messy, she tidies too and puts washing on/hangs it out/puts on hangers

I provide cleaning stuff that's the norm

I ask when I want skirtings etc done otherwise it's just generally "make it look nice and clean it please"

vitomum Fri 09-Jun-06 20:08:26

i have someone comes for 3 hours a week for £20 - would love more but that it what i can afford. basically i expect her to spend the 3 hours errrrrr cleaning! usually she does all the basics: floors, bathrooms, kitchen. if i want something extra i ask for it and if i don't specify she will just do other stuff - she never has to look far there is always something in desperate need e.g. windows, clean out fridge etc. I provide all the products. She is great and i plan to put payment up to £25 when she has been coming for a year.

aod2009 Thu 28-Jul-11 22:50:28

can someone please recommend one of these cleaners mentioned? Clairemow, Blandmum and wickedwaterwitch- are your cleaners still available?

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