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Poor Princesspeahead

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Coddy Sat 07-Feb-04 18:49:00

Has had a crap time recently - not only have older two had the pox and then little M got it, but he then got a reaction to his excema and then a chest infec wiht an exceedingly High temp . He had to have x rays at hospital and HRH has been at her wits end with worry.

Lets here some comforting words for the sleepless one.

hulababy Sat 07-Feb-04 18:49:50

Coddy. Hope things get better soon.

Coddy Sat 07-Feb-04 18:52:19

me too - I think its his stoicism int he face of illness thats tugging at her heart strings...

eddm Sat 07-Feb-04 18:59:07

That's so sad. Hope he gets a lot better soon. Virtual <<hugs>>

Janh Sat 07-Feb-04 19:02:15

Is he getting better, coddy? Do hope so. Poor pph and all her entourage - must be very miz for them - let's hope the weather gets better soon and they can all get out in some sunshine! (Nights are drawing out already....)

Coddy Sat 07-Feb-04 19:09:21

think he was taking hte medicine. she was just very tired...

beetroot Sat 07-Feb-04 20:01:04

Message withdrawn

Lisa78 Sat 07-Feb-04 20:03:31

lots of hugs - hope he gets better soon

motherinferior Sat 07-Feb-04 20:40:18

Much love to her Madge and the Madgettesxxxxxxx

emmatmg Sat 07-Feb-04 20:46:01

Ohh PPh I hope he's better soon. My sept baby isn't sleeping well either but when it's because they are poorly at's horrid. Mine is just a fidget arse.
Hope he gets better soon, I love to hear about his appetite on Sept mums so I can dream about our DS3 doing the same.

Lots of love.

clairabelle Sat 07-Feb-04 20:50:03

PPH hope everyone's feeling much better soon. Lots of sympathy and hugs.

pie Sat 07-Feb-04 20:50:49

Hope your fellas feel better soon princess!

SenoraPostrophe Sat 07-Feb-04 21:42:39

Oh what a nightmare. I know exactly how it feels too - well I think I do. Hope things are better soon.

SoupDragon Sat 07-Feb-04 21:48:44

Hope all the little HRHs are better soon!

suzywong Sat 07-Feb-04 21:51:51

Poorlittle pixies
Big hugs to all of them

marthamoo Sat 07-Feb-04 22:24:22

Poor pph - she must be exhausted Hope the older two are not too scabby and the littlest one is much better soon. Get well vibes being sent from this commoner's household to the Royal one....

suedonim Sun 08-Feb-04 00:32:34

Oh, how miserable for them all. It sometimes seems that life will never be normal again when everyone is sick. I hope the little Dauphin is better soon.

Angeliz Sun 08-Feb-04 01:23:28

Hope things get better soon for you all++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

mears Sun 08-Feb-04 02:11:11

Hope things improve for you soon PPH - it is a terrible worry when little ones are ill.

Janstar Sun 08-Feb-04 09:32:26

I was wondering what had happened to HRH.

I hope they all feel better very soon.

bunnyrabbit Sun 08-Feb-04 15:57:21

Ditto.... my kindest regards and all that..


Kayleigh Sun 08-Feb-04 18:56:36

Hope things improve at the palace soon. Hugs ((((x))))

Issymum Sun 08-Feb-04 19:38:54

Sorry to hear this PPH. Hope you all get well really soon and you're back on full regal form!

Demented Sun 08-Feb-04 20:45:09

Hugs PPH {{{{}}}}, hope everyone is feeling better soon.

Coddy Mon 09-Feb-04 19:37:31

I ma sure I can hear diamonds rustling aroind here

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