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notanotter Tue 06-Jun-06 20:14:30

Just to say thinking of you - not been around much recently so unsure what day your baby is coming (!)but know its around now - lots of love,hugs and best wishes to you all!

blueteddy Tue 06-Jun-06 20:17:40

Message withdrawn

notanotter Tue 06-Jun-06 20:55:47

thanks blue!

edam Tue 06-Jun-06 20:58:31

Emkana started a thread in Childbirth, Notanotter.

emkana Tue 06-Jun-06 20:59:11

Thank you! It's so sweet of you to be thinking of me.

I'm feeling very scared atm, thread in childbirth section, but it helps to know that there are so many MNers who are thinking of me.

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