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How to effectively combine 5yo stepdaughters bedroom and nursery for my baby (due December)

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Hasitfallendownagain Thu 11-Jul-13 14:03:50

We had a similar lack-of-bedrooms situation.

We kept the baby in our room for about 18 months, (because she woke up at night so much, and we thought it was too disruptive); we had a small chest of drawers for her clothes in our bedroom too, and kept the changing mat, nappies etc in the bathroom - much easier to go into the bathroom to change nappies at night rather than turning the bedroom light on and waking everyone up.

When they went in together, we got the 5 year old a new bed with big storage drawers underneath, and we got a pull out drawer to put under the younger one's bed - you can actually fit a lot under there.

They share a big chest of drawers - it's tall, but doesn't take up much floor space. I keep the younger one's clothes in the top drawers, as she wouldn't be opening the drawers to get her own clothes out anyway, and the older one has the lower drawers so she can get at things herself. I don't tend to hang clothes up, I just fold everything in the drawers.

I keep most of their toys in the living room, and bookcases on the landing outside their bedroom, just a small bookcase and some soft toys in their bedroom.

shushmonster Thu 11-Jul-13 13:46:25

I have a similar problem DS and DSD who have an 11 year age gap share a room 2 days a week. I think I solved the problem quite nicely with a seaside theme, as you have already suggested and a trundle bed. Hope this helps.

TooTabooToBoo Thu 11-Jul-13 13:45:05

Room for a sofa bed? Just until baby is in a.bed then you can look at bunk beds or a bed with a guest bed underneath?

It's hard, I know! My fix is only temporary for us, once DS gets toys we're stuffed! That's when I either move or try to split my room into 2 for the children and I move onto DD's tiny room.

I need a lottery win!

alicemelinda Thu 11-Jul-13 13:38:51

I did think about this but our room is at the front of the bungalow on a busy main road. We often get lovely drunk people walking past shouting after leaving the pubs etc so wouldn't want them in the front bedroom. My stepdaughter is quite a nervous thing and dosn't do well with any noises!

Its a difficult one!

TooTabooToBoo Thu 11-Jul-13 13:34:02

Is it possible for you to switch rooms - so you and OH have the smaller room?

I personally only have a bed and chest of drawers in my bedroom (underbed storage for a few bits). I share my room with my baby though - he takes over half the bloody room and he's only 15 weeks!!

My DD has her own room, but she is 9 so bit of an issue with the age difference. HOwever, my clothes are in the wardrobe in her room as I can't fit it into my room.

alicemelinda Thu 11-Jul-13 13:31:03

I am currently 18 weeks and 2 days into my pregnancy. I live in a 2 bedroom bungalow with my boyfriend of 3 years and we have his daughter (who is 5) every weekend.

As I get to a point in my pregnancy where I feel an overwhelming need to start arranging and organising the whole house (nesting I guess!) my worry comes to the childrens bedroom. It is currently occupied 2 days a week when my stepdaughter comes to stay overnight at the weekends and we also have her over one weekday evening per week as well, it is a very small room, and she has lots of things! However, when my baby arrives the room will eventually have to be shared (which my stepdaughter is actually very excited about!) but I am having a major panic about space, and how on earth we are going to fit in a small child, all her things and a baby with all their things. We are not going to find out the sex of our baby, but luckily my stepdaughter is very easy going so decoration etc is not a problem (we are thinking of woodland or seaside).

I need some advice on how others have managed, and any tips on what we can do. We don't have very much money but i am prepared to get crafty if need be! I enjoy a bit of DIY and am fairly creative so would enjoy making things. How do you cope with storage, bedroom arrangement and space etc?

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