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Grumble re flower deliveries and birthdays...

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WSM Fri 06-Feb-04 16:56:28

Just wanted to vent my annual frustration at interflora and the like.

My Mums birthday falls on the 13th Feb, the day before Valentines Day, and I like to send her a nice bouquet (she lives in Wales, I don't). Being a bit lazy and unimaginative in the flower sense I like to just hop onto interflora (or similars) website and pick a bunch and get them sent, safe in the knowledge that they'll look like the picture and will arrive on time.

Stupidly interflora deliver nothing but their 'valentines specials' between Feb 11th & 16th, how bloody stupid ! So I guess the moral of the story is don't expect flowers if your birthday falls in that week !

Daft complaint really but its just one of those customer service slurs that really riles me. Feel free to read this and close it down again !

GeorginaA Fri 06-Feb-04 17:05:48

Argh! How annoying?!

What about M&S or Waitrose flower delivery? Have had good experiences with them in the past. The other (admittedly more of a faff option) is to do a search on Scoot for a florist local to your mum and organise it direct over the phone (chances are it's an interflora florist anyway, and it's cheaper than going via the central office).

WSM Fri 06-Feb-04 17:08:44

Like I say, I know it is a lame complaint and there are laternative ways of getting flowers to loved ones but it just bugs me that a HUGGGGGGGE company like Interflora can't handle birthdays AND some bloody manufactured 'Hallmark holiday'.

WSM Fri 06-Feb-04 17:09:28

Of course I mean ALTERNATIVE

SoupDragon Fri 06-Feb-04 17:09:46

It's like trying to find a decent birthday card at Christmas.

marthamoo Fri 06-Feb-04 17:10:54

Next do nice flowers too. As far as I know, a variety of bouquets all year round. Did you see my link to the strawberry thread btw?

GeorginaA Fri 06-Feb-04 17:11:44

No I agree - bloody stupid that they can't cope with different orders. Presume they wouldn't be able to cope with "sympathy" orders either?! Better avoid dying between 11th & 16th of Feb either...

Cam Sun 08-Feb-04 16:50:39

Agree entirely, I just sent MIL a bouquet from Interflora online for her b/day yesterday (luckily one whole week before Valentine's Day!) and noticed that the site said "this bouquet not available between 11 and 16 Feb" Completely bonkers! Does this mean that Interflora get so many orders for Valentine's bouquets that they actually can't handle other deliveries? Obviously no-one has told my dh as I have never had flowers delivered for VD (Oh,I like that abbreviation, think I'm going to use it from now on!)

hoxtonchick Sun 08-Feb-04 17:36:07

When I send flowers I find a local florist (usually on and just ring them directly. You don't get to see what you're sending first, but it's much better value than Interflora. Has always worked so far...

beetroot Sun 08-Feb-04 17:48:44

Message withdrawn

littlerach Sun 08-Feb-04 18:00:13

Have had 2 bad experiences with Next - would not rely on them to deliver!!

alibubbles Mon 09-Feb-04 10:54:28

I have had two poor lots of flowers from M&S, phoned up to complain and the replacements weren't much better. I always ttry and phone a local florist.

katierocket Mon 09-Feb-04 10:59:36

these are without doubt the best flower delivery company in the world. Totally GORGEOUS roses and very efficient

real flower company\

polly28 Tue 10-Feb-04 00:25:35

the reason they can't do hte entire collection inthe week up to valentines day is because the florist would go out of business buying all the different flowers to ensure coverage for two collections running atthe same time.

Most florists are filled to the brim with red flowers at this time of year so if you ask for something else it should'nt be a problem,as they will still have to stock flowers for other occassions ie funerals.
Probably best to phone florist and get what you want over the phone.
personally I@d steer clear of red flowers this week as they are over pticed.

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