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Really dull question!

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Beauregard Mon 05-Jun-06 16:37:34

Ok my bathroom ,what colour shall i paint the walls?
At the moment they are lilac but i want rid.My bath suite is champagne /beige colour and tiles are creamy/marble effect with shells on.Any suggestion's as i cant be bothered to do the paint tester thing!

JessaJam Mon 05-Jun-06 16:38:24

ours is dark works for us...!

Beauregard Mon 05-Jun-06 16:39:41

I need a light colour really cos our bathroom is tiny!

fairyjay Mon 05-Jun-06 16:40:03


Carmenere Mon 05-Jun-06 16:40:48


nailpolish Mon 05-Jun-06 16:42:03


JessaJam Mon 05-Jun-06 16:42:35

our bathroom is tiny too! You can sit on the loo and puke in either the sink or the bath!!! (I know this!) works fo rus...although we will probably paint it white when we try to sell the place ( dark blue tiles)

Beauregard Mon 05-Jun-06 16:47:05

nailpolish-will it look too creamy?
JessaJam-lol it comes in handy sometimes !although not if you are 6ft2 and giving birth in the doorway

nailpolish Mon 05-Jun-06 16:49:03

nope i dont think so anyway

it will look stylish

have some aqua accessories if you like a bit of colour

Beauregard Mon 05-Jun-06 16:50:04 considering !

nailpolish Mon 05-Jun-06 16:53:16


nice red towels

nailpolish Mon 05-Jun-06 16:53:38

cream is very relaxing i think

scattercushion Mon 05-Jun-06 16:55:12

my bathroom is very tiny and dark and I have painted it 'Morning light' from the Dulux light and space range and it's great. Sposed to have special something in it to lighten up dark spaces - don't know if this is true but it's a nice colour... White with a creamy hint.

Beauregard Mon 05-Jun-06 16:55:21

How very depressing that was!What a fab bathroom.

nailpolish Mon 05-Jun-06 16:57:09

i think its Dulux have a lovely off-white colour called sail white

its very very relaxing (mum has it in her hall)

nailpolish Mon 05-Jun-06 16:58:11

or it could be crown

Beauregard Mon 05-Jun-06 16:58:25

Well if anyone needs relaxing it's me!Im living on the edge most days

nailpolish Mon 05-Jun-06 17:00:20

Dulux ahve a great website where you can try out colours on virtual bathrooms

Beauregard Mon 05-Jun-06 17:02:11

cheers nailpolish ,i will think of the dulux dog every time i see you postxxxxx

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