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Is there a website I can find .....

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Esmummy Mon 05-Jun-06 10:24:02

Letters on ?

Don't really know how to describe what I mean but am trying to find the letter J&T sort of entwined so I can (try and) fade them into the background of our wedding menu's.
Anyone got any idea's?

SaintGeorge Mon 05-Jun-06 10:33:10

I know exactly what you mean but no idea where to look on the web.

You might have better luck if you post this up in Arts and Crafts - if anyone knows I bet they will

Esmummy Mon 05-Jun-06 10:35:20

Thanks StG, will try that.

bubblerock Mon 05-Jun-06 10:48:08

Would something like this be any good? You can mess around with any letters/words on, I use it a lot and it's free

bubblerock Mon 05-Jun-06 11:41:26

Or this?

bubblerock Mon 05-Jun-06 13:05:29

They disappeared, it is a good site though.

Esmummy Mon 05-Jun-06 13:09:05

Bugger Bubblerock, sorry
DD has gone for a sleep so will have a good look now, thanks.

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